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About Me:

Sorry, but I haven't yet shared the information about myself that would typically display here. Check back later to see if that changes, or if I instead choose to remain an enigma.

Oh boy.
April 11, 2007

Mom's in the hospital. Again.

Gall bladder and such. Oh well.

It's like Jedi training.

There is no coincidence; only The Force.


Here's something to wrap your mind around.
April 09, 2007

A little earlier, I played Star Wars: Rebel Assault II on the Playstation. I can only find it listed under Mac, though.


It has been brought to my attention.
April 09, 2007

That my writing skills suffer more than I thought. Fear not! I have every intent on self improvement, and I'd just like to thank the people who have been so forward with their advice and encouragement this far.

Every appreciation,

Heed the Call.
April 08, 2007

So I posted up a review of a favorite online game of mine, Asheron's Call, as I stumbled upon its section here on the site, and was dismayed that it was empty.

It was interesting to be with it for so long, and see all of the changes take place firsthand, all the good and all of the bad. Mostly bad on a technical level, but more the good on how the original player community offered a great place to role play.

It was a lame mistake on the part of Turbine to allow third party software integration (Decal), because it did indeed, lead to the demise of an otherwise promising, growing fantasy world that had done so, so much to set itself apart from the pack of cliches, that have somehow managed to emerge victorious today.

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April 08, 2007

I saw that EmP reviewed Dreamfall. . .

Didn't read it yet, but I will.
Makes me wonder if anyone ever played Beneath a Steel Sky. Man, I loved that game.

Such a cool main character, in such a punk-ass coat, with such a punk-ass robot.

And an awesome story, too. Very well told.

I should read that review.


My goodness. . .
April 08, 2007

There is no finer a female than the graces of Mariska Hargitay.

How I've fallen in love with Detective Benson is a mystery, even to myself.

Oh, Miss Benson, you truly are beautiful.

Yeah; I need a love life. But until then!

. . .SVU marathons.


What She Said
April 07, 2007

Trying to write a novel is tough work. Unless you're Stephen King or any one of his clones, in which case, your soul is being transfered to the underworld as we speak.

Hm. . .

Doing this for so long has made me wonder if I have a slight case of ADD. Actually, no, I doubt that. It's most likely not being able to organize well.

That's gotta be it. So how to improve?
I have no idea.

Neither do I have any idea how to write more than one chapter, before I begin to sound like a zombie.


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