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Sorry, but I haven't yet shared the information about myself that would typically display here. Check back later to see if that changes, or if I instead choose to remain an enigma.

"The Villa Steppes" 3
September 29, 2007

Conroy knew him.

The figure ruffled its hooded coat. He couldn't see the man's face, but Conroy knew him and knew that he was staring him down. Slowly, the man's hands went to his face and pulled back the veil. Blackness and a mismatch of hard to recall flesh lurched out at Conroy.

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Movies I've seen lately and their rating.
September 29, 2007

SIDEWAYS gets a firm 10/10. No loose ends, no missing info, perfectly played part from my man Paulie G and a catchy performance by Church.

SNAKES ON A PLANE gets a strong 10/10. Haven't seen a movie made of more action fun until SHOOT EM UP hit theaters this year. Sammy wins an award for badassness and ability to woo loose chicks.

CODE46 gets a believable 7/10. Borderline hollow performances from both Robbins and Morton, but the story holds everything together nicely, and it's interesting to see the sights of a possible near-future. Plus, there's a vagina. Samantha Morton's vagina. It's good.

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"The Villa Steppes" 2
September 27, 2007

The breach in time and space took his feet to the Victoria City Center. In a puddle on the West side of fourth and Burnside, Conroy struggled to keep the rain out of his eyes. All of the clouds in the living world took a vacation to visit Victoria; all of the people in the City Center were vying for their place on a bus and out of the weather. Crowded under the covers and shivering, he tried to identify with their annoyance. Hand up in front of his chest, the water caught in his palm and the only apparent sensation was of serenity. The people scattered from their hiding place as the number twelve eased its way towards the curb beside him. Masses boarded all full of relief to be safe until home, yet a single figure stepped from the vehicle's innards.

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"The Villa Steppes"
September 27, 2007

They hadn't spoken in minutes. The two rolled their shoulders forward into the view and set eyes to stone. From the fourth balcony of Uermaud Mall at a table closest to the safety rails, the outward scene belonged more to a canvas than to the earth. The goal of many artists is to create a piece serene, so intangibly out of place in the business of day-to-day world. And there, highest atop The Villa Steppes, Uermaud town tore down their sweetest dreams. Inexplicable sprawls of color and shade found rest in the surrounds of the linear architecture. Vivacious life came from the sun and its choice to be shy each turn of the clock by lowering beyond the peaks the outlined the Estouian Bay.

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Funny how time can change a person.
September 27, 2007

Isn't it?


Code 46.
September 25, 2007

Pretty good movie with Tim Robbins. Really sweet and touching and a good flick all around. Better, I can imagine, if you're planning on watching it with a girl. I can't say it's the most unique idea, but it's definitely developed well and has some interesting ideas.

And just goes to show you, that if the director knows pacing like a genius, a vagina will be the most surprising thing you'll ever see.


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On Halo 3.
September 25, 2007

Bad news is, that my sister really wanted a 360 - being the nice dude that I am, sold it and Dead Rising to her for $60. It's my early Christmas gift to her.

I was never interested in Halo so much after the first episode, but what with all the hype and muddled opinions, I thought I'd at least give it a look over at my friend's place.

He and another friend are getting ready to play deathmatch, and I'm gonna hang back and see what all the fuss is about.


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