April 08, 2007

I saw that EmP reviewed Dreamfall. . .

Didn't read it yet, but I will.
Makes me wonder if anyone ever played Beneath a Steel Sky. Man, I loved that game.

Such a cool main character, in such a punk-ass coat, with such a punk-ass robot.

And an awesome story, too. Very well told.

I should read that review.

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pup pup - April 08, 2007 (06:57 PM)
Actually, I've been playing through Beneath a Steel Sky and was planning on reviewing it in the next week or two. How's that for a coincidence?
carcinogen_crush carcinogen_crush - April 08, 2007 (08:00 PM)
. . .

Me too.

That is a really weird coincidence. I wonder who can get theirs done first. . .?


But yeah, awesome game.

"I name you after. . .BEER!"
EmP EmP - April 09, 2007 (03:39 AM)
BtSS is my very own personal unicorn. Being a huge Revolution fan, I've been trying to track the game for countless years but have met with faliure every time. When I found a second hand copy at a store, it didn't work. When I bought a copy off EBay, it never arrived. And when I snapped and illegally downloaded it (despite it being a freeware bundle with the SCUMM engine - gah!), the cursed thing did not load past the first few minutes, then that computer promptly blew up.

I'm not ready to give up on it but my sanity demands a lengthly break.

P.S: Dreamfall is an awesome game hampered by some rather ugly controls at time. It's still one of those games that everyone should try should they get the chance.
carcinogen_crush carcinogen_crush - April 09, 2007 (07:34 AM)

Well said.

Too bad about the explosion, though.
pup pup - April 09, 2007 (09:08 AM)
Beneath a Steel Sky is abandonware now, hence it is fully legal to download. Just thought I'd let you know.
EmP EmP - April 10, 2007 (04:24 PM)
It was so when I illegally downloaded it, as I said. What I meant wqas I thought I was doing so illegally when it was really all quite legal.

PC still went boom and game never worked, though.

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