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Good lord. Valve caved.
May 29, 2009

They've reverted back to the old system while keeping the new one. And, having hit all three spy milestones on my own time, I found all three in my inventory today.

You're forgiven, Valve. We'll forget this whole incident ever happened.

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I was glad that they took the DK Rap out of Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
May 28, 2009

And then I found out it was replaced by the Sonic Heroes theme.



Best song of the year so far.
May 28, 2009

Team Fortress 2's new upgrade system is terrible.
May 25, 2009

Since Team Fortress 2's release, Valve have been routinely creating new content for the game and releasing it through various updates every few months or so. Each patch comes with a class upgrade, in which a designated character (there are nine) gets three new weapons/items, and a list of achievements that must be completed as the means to unlock said items. The idea was that these achievements would be something that the player would accomplish naturally through hours of experience with a single class, and hence, the items would unlock themselves. But Valve's success with this system has varied, and as a result, whenever a new update is released, we see a surge of "achievement servers" designed specifically to allow players to grind achievements and earn unlockables at a faster rat

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System Shock 2 is progressing very, very slowly.
May 20, 2009

I played System Shock 2 a long time ago and have very vague memories of enjoying it. Considering how convincing Lewis's recent review of the game was, I figured I'd dig it out of the archives (i.e. borrow a friend's copy, which he has also not played in ages) and give it a go.

This was two weeks ago. Since then, I have made roughly two and a half hours of progress. This is because I have only ever been able to play for about thirty minutes at once before closing out so I can move on to a game that is fun and interesting.

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Reaction to Lost season finale.
May 14, 2009

I'm... gonna go lay down.


Don't read this if you don't want to laugh at someone's death.
May 13, 2009

Woman dies after using jackhammer as dildo.

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