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The Mass Effect 2 box art is ass.
November 17, 2009

I mean, this doesn't make me any less excited for the game, but... damn. There's so much more to this series than this kind of generic cover art implies.


So I caved and bought Assassin's Creed II.
November 17, 2009

It's actually excellent.

I'm only a few hours into the game and the game hasn't fully opened up yet (i.e., it's still in the "introductory" phase and I'm being led primarily along strict story missions) but so far it's an unbelievable improvement over the last game. It's weird, because the game plays almost identically to the last one and from a glance nothing's changed, but it's just so much more well-rounded and complete than the first game was.

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So wait... doesn't Assassin's Creed II come out today?
November 17, 2009

Any reason there haven't been any reviews up yet? Is this simply what happens when two prolific games are released on the same day, i.e. one overshadows the other? I'm wondering because I see a lot of potential in this franchise but I'm not going to pay full price for this game if it's just going to repeat all of the mistakes the last one made. I'm basically going off GameRankings at this point and I'm too lazy to check every site I can think of, so has anyone found any legitimate reviews?

(Countdown to EmP's smartassed response starts... NOW.)


Seems like Activision is trying to dethrone EA for top dog douchebaggery.
November 15, 2009



Here's my reaction to the Modern Warfare 2 campaign.
November 11, 2009

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It's the fifth of November.
November 05, 2009

Happy V-Day to all!


November 04, 2009



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