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Would you like to hear Christian Bale flipping out on the set of the new Terminator movie?
February 04, 2009

I thought you might.

FHey, help me out with something. Iíve been meaning to review this one game. Itís a shooter that revolves heavily around a third-person pop-and-shoot cover system. Do you remember what itís called?

Gears of War?

No, Iím talking about a different one that came later.

Dark Sector?




Wanted: Weapons of Fate?


Brothers in Arms: Hellís Highway?


Uncharted: Drakeís Fortune?


Army of Two?


The Bourne Conspiracy?


Kane & Lynch: Dead Men?


Infernal: Hellís Vengeance?


Gears of War 2?

No, not that one, either.



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You found a purple Rupee!
February 03, 2009

But it won't fit in your wallet now, so let's put it back.

I hate to bring out the old ďjack of all trades, master of noneĒ clichť, but look at this thing: Nier regularly pulls from at least four different genres, and I have no reason to believe that this approach could work (and probably has before). I guess the mindset behind making a game like Nier is that itís excusable for the combat to be simplistic, the platforming to be clunky, the RPG elements to be shallow and the dungeons to be a bore if all of these individual elements are a fraction of the entire picture. But, as you and I know, it doesnít work that way.

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