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I'm strongly thinking about dropping a class...
January 25, 2010

but I really need to consider all the options before deciding.

The class I'm considering is this Topics in World History class, which is a 300 level course. The professor I signed with decided to focus on Indian history because that's his specialty (I assume; I haven't taken him before, but he does seem very knowledgeable of the subject).

The thing is, it's only been a week taking basically 6 300-level classes, and I already want to rip my hair out. I say "basically" because one of them is a 200-level (299) course, but the way it's being taught is like a 300-level course, so it may as well be.

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I hate dictionaries
January 24, 2010

They almost always force you to look up some other form of the word because the definition they gave you includes the word itself.

For example:

Something that is fungible - usually used in plural

Gah! Gee, tha6nks a lot, dictionary. That's the most useful definition ever! Now I have to look up the adjective!

Granted, in this case, I was looking for the adjecttive anyway, but the noun form appeareed first, so I read that instead.

It's just annoying sometimes how you need to look things up twice, essentially, to get the actual meaning of a word.


This has been the best and worst Christmas... at the same time
December 28, 2009

When I went to my grandparents' house to visit my dad and celebrate Christmas stuff there (early), I got to see both the Nutcracker and Blue Man Group as gifts from my grandma. These were awesome, especially since I'd never seen them before. While I've admittedly never really gotten into theatre, I do appreciate the art form and respect those who do it. I found the performance of the Nutcracker interesting and was amazed by the complicated dance maneuvers both men and women performed.

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Last semester: Breakdown
December 18, 2009

Well, I finally got my grades, and at least two of them were better than I expected. The rest I either fully expected or grew to expect out of later performances during the semester. Anyway, I got all As again... with two A-s, but those are about the same thing anyway (although an A- is marked lower than a regular A for some reason). So I guess that should shut me up. I fully expect EmP to say "I told you so" in big bold pretty colors.

But... to put it in perspective, I'll break it down by course.

HIST 299: Junior Colloquium:

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Well, this makes me sad
December 16, 2009

This piece of shit internet connection refuses to log me into the school's network so I can check my grades. ;_; Guess I'll have to try at my grandma's house when I go Friday... *sigh* And I only needed to know two more, too! =(

This sucks because last night I had the most anxious dreams regarding my grades and school in general. They caused me to wake up several times during the night only to fall back asleep and dream the exact same thing over and over again. But of course, me being the perfectionist I am, the anxiety wasn't over failing (that's impossible for me), but for getting a C+ in a class. And also missing the final. I literally woke up this morning thinking I had forgotten to take a final. Hahahaha. It's like Jesus CHrist, brain, I'm on vacation!


I love being an outcast
December 09, 2009

My roommates came home about an hour ago drunk as hell, which displeases me. But they brought some Brit with them which is the most fascinating thing ever to me. So now I'm waging a battle with myself between my frustration with party-happy roommates and my curious obsession with foreigners.As it is now, though, I'm just going to stay here. I don't feel welcomed by them (the one that lives in my room closed the door on me after I asked what was going on... She seemed kind of snotty about it, but I suppose she could've closed the room off because they thought I was trying to sleep.).. Still, I'm shy anyway, and I'm not a fan of their activity, either, so there's no point in me socializing. I actually find it quite pointless to talk with drunk people because I find them quite incoherent.

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Finals week...
December 06, 2009

Yup, it's that time of year again. The time when every college student around the world goes insane. Hopefully I won't be one of them.

This week I have five finals, none of which I'm really truly ready for. I have a take home final in American politics due Tuesday via e-mail. The good thing about this is he's grading it the same as he would have the midterm since he felt bad about saying one thing and doing another (he had originally wanted the final to be last Friday). The bad thing is take home finals require discipline... which I'm lacking at the moment.

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