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Oh, Fall Break... You will be my salvation!
September 22, 2008

Things are really, really, really, really, really busy at school right now... I have an English paper due Thursday, a reflection paper (for the same class, even) due next week, a commodity essay due in Anthropology due on the 3rd, and a mountain of reading in between.

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Ooh... Saddle sore. >_<
September 20, 2008

Or I will be... tomorrow...

I just went horse-back riding today, and it only cost $2! =D It was only an hour of actual riding, but I've only ever ridden a horse like one other time in my life, and that left me bruised, too.

It was really fun, though. I think I got the smallest horse out of the group, haha, but that's fine because I had difficulty getting on in the first place. >_>

My horse was a stubborn oaf. She didn't listen to me when I told her to trot (which we had to do several times as part of the ride and to catch up on occasion). I think most of that was just me, though. I'm not very strong with animals, and even when I did try to kick her hard, it still wasn't very strong. That's fine, too, though, because trotting was painful.

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Good luck?
September 15, 2008

I think I got the bayleaf in my soup today. I'm not sure because I've never actually seen a bayleaf, but I heard if you get it in your soup, it's good luck. Plus I think it's like the only actual leaf they'd put in your soup.

I also heard one about a year ago, where if the very first thing you say on the first day of the month is "White Rabbit", you'll have good luck that whole month. I've never done it; I always forget.

But really, I guess it's all just superstition anyway, but it's still fun to try these things to see if they'll actually work.


Ugh. I hate my school sometimes....
September 07, 2008

I swear, they rip you off your goddamn money... but don't even make it worth it.

You have to pay a fucking $1.25 just to wash your bloody laundry, and another $1 just to dry it. But that's not the best part. Oh, no. The best part is knowing damn well that two of the only three washing machines in the basement are broken down and that you'll have to wait hours just to wash your damn clothes.

And get this, too. This residence hall I'm in now costs at least $1000 more than the one I was in last year, there are at least twice as many people here, and there's one less washer/drier to do your bloody laundry in! What the hell?

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LOL HG troll
September 02, 2008

Knowing staff is fun. Look what turned up in the review queue this morning...

Someone actually wrote this:

Tagline: great game

review: awsome, very creative.

Now isn't this a fabulous waste of time? Seriouslly, no one should come here and expect that to be accepted. So there can be no other explanation. The review author is a troll.

But hey. Least he didn't write this:

LOL DIS GR8 G4M kthxbai


Joining the bandwagon: I think I earned it. I guess
August 30, 2008

I'm not an egotist like some of you around here, but I strangely feel the need to chronicle my achievements thus far.... like everyone else likes to do. I'm really nothing special, and my hits aren't very impressive, but I feel like sharing anyway. Maybe I'm bored. Maybe I want to fill another blog post. Or maybe I just want everyone to know how I feel about the stuff I turn out. Either way you think of it, here it is.

Xena: Warrior Princess (PS) August 23, 2006
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I hate escalators....
August 27, 2008

or at least hte ones in our school. I swear to God, going down them, there's this huge traffic jam that builds up at the bottom, so all the people riding down get stuck.... on a moving platfrm. So when they reach the bottom, they can't move, and they just feel the stairs sliding beneath them.

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