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viridian_moon Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.

--Groucho Marx

Title: Life in Mintland, take two.
Posted: June 26, 2008 (10:36 AM)
Since I continue to be an awful correspondent and some of you may be interested.

Well, this is my third week at work. The job site is about a mile from my house, which is nice, but the guys here don't really have that much for me to do, so basically I'm getting paid $10/hour to play computer games and occasionally file something. It's pretty nice, although I feel vaguely guilty about getting paid to be useless. They hired me in the first place because they have an arrangement with the mayor's office to hire a graduating high school intern for the summer, not because they actually have anything for me to do, so that's the deal. I will be buying a nice iPod in the near future and saving the rest of my money for school, since I'm rather fond of eating and would like to continue in the future.

I also sprained my ankle a couple days ago. It was pretty rough! I was fighting off a pack of wild lions and gave one a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick to the skull as it lunged at my throat, gooey ropes of saliva dripping from its foot-long fangs and all, and the blow was so powerful it just about knocked my foot off! Crutches are a pain in the ass, though. It sucks.

In other news, Oblivion has taken over my life. I seriously can't stop myself from playing it whenever I have a free moment! It's rough around the edges--it has balance issues with the spellmaking/enchanting system, is really glitchy, and the level-up system is retarded in that it is impossible to get good stat gains if you pick your major skills logically--but it's really addictive anyway. I've clocked 90 hours in a depressingly short time, and I've barely touched the main plot. Also, as of last night, I'd saved, uh, about 730 times, I think. I save a lot, it seems. But yeah, I'm an altmer caster, L20 right now, custom class, vampire as of late, and I like to kick ass with some custom 2HKO spells that add elemental and magicka weakness 100% for like 3 sec on strike. Also have a nice custom enchanted dagger that absorbs magicka when I'm running low, plus fire shield boots/gauntlets to compensate for my horrible fire weakness and actually give me some AC at the same time. (Body armor is for sissies when you can wear a badass robe.) I have decent blade skill and am thinking about enchanting up a glass short sword with something nifty just because I can--seriously, what else am I going to do with 15 black soul gems? which I filled by slaughtering necromancers, haha irony--but I probably won't use it much.

I've done the Mages Guild, Thieves Guild, and Arena (which is, by the way, totally pathetic if you jump up on the pillar next to the door and use ranged/summons), and I think I'm going to leave it at that, because being the head of five guilds is pretty silly. (Honestly, I would've preferred that the game just leave you as a high-ranking member instead of the head of the freaking guild, which strained my credulity pretty seriously in some cases, but whatever.) I'll do the Dark Brotherhood and Fighters Guild on a replay sometime. Like EmP, I started the game a while ago, played for a few hours, went "bleh, overrated" and wandered off, then came back only to get hooked and sink 90 hours in without noticing.

Oh yeah, and my free laptop is being retarded. The H key keeps falling off, and the spacebar screwed up recently, and I broke off one of the brackets for the retainer when I was trying to fix it. Yippee, now I get to get it repaired! Oh, last night it also decided that it didn't like the power cord, so now it's dead and I can't charge it. I kept getting some error about the AC adapter not providing a high enough voltage or something, don't remember now. I hope it's the power cord, anyway, not the laptop. Get what you pay for, I guess!
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World War III nearly destroyed all life on Earth. No one bothers to remember the specifics now; theyíre trivialities, unimportant details.
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Game: Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht (PlayStation 2)
Posted: June 08, 2005 (04:55 PM)
Every now and then a title comes along that changes the way we think about video games Ė something so startlingly different, so revolutionary, so innovative that it redefines a genre or invents one entirely. Mario was one such; Final Fantasy was another. Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, the list goes on. Someday the Xenosaga series, too, might be added to it, but itís not quite there yet.
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