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Starting out as a small time reviewer and FAQ author on GameFAQs, my writing has been even more tilted toward the old school than my gaming. I enjoy games of many eras, but I always found it more compelling to write for something that hasn't been done extensively already, which often ruled out the more modern games I played as I tend to run at least a couple of years behind the facts. My Honestgamers catalogue was initially just copying over much of my old GameFAQs work, and then for a time dual submitting to both sites. But over 2015 I posted my first HG exclusives, with hopefully more to follow.

Surviving the devils
September 03, 2015

I once came close to clearing the DS backlog, when the last remaining game was Rondo of Swords, and I failed to beat it. Annoyingly, where I stranded was at the final boss fight, and I just could not put him down with what I had or could grind up to. Wasn't about to do the entire game over, so just left it at that. Caught the ending (brief, unremarkable) on YouTube instead. Sold the game later, but what an unsatisfying way to clear the backlog that was.

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Android, the droid, what's the difference?
August 21, 2015

It wasn't until February of this year that I got my first smartphone, I ran behind the facts in this as badly as anything. Especially for a software developer, I'm notoriously not into gadgets. But when an acquaintance and I were looking for an address after getting off the bus, weren't sure which direction to go, and he pulled out his phone and calling up navigation, I knew this is something I had to be able to do also. After that I grabbed my phone, a not-too-new and thus affordable model, namely a Samsung Galaxy Core. It runs Android, probably an older version, not sure, never looked into it.

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It's free. It's SO free.
August 17, 2015 remains among my favorite Penny Arcade comics. I've never played League of Legends, but I've played plenty of freemium games, not a few of which were on Facebook. So Pokémon Shuffle was in good company, and I'm quite used to getting to play a few rounds and then having to wait for energy to recharge.

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I'm back alright.
August 04, 2015

It looks like between the possibilities of a one shot deal and a proper return to reviewing, we've got the latter. Played through Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, a 70 hour task for me as I insisted on picking up and completing every side quest I found, and there are many. The gameplay could not carry the game that far, but the lore did. Loved the setting. Would probably have wanted to see a game that did it more justice. Never going to happen, though, this one game cost about triple its budget to make, and pretty much assured the developer's bankruptcy no matter how well it did on the market.

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From the shadows a light forth shall spring?
July 14, 2015

So I see Zaxxon reviews are all the rage recently, but the Commodore 64 one wasn't tackled. To quote Eminem, this looks like a job for me. Replayed it just to refresh my memory. My Commodore's tape deck and disk drive are long dead, but the age of emulation is long upon us.

Review's short, but I think short is all that is needed here. My point was made.

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From the ashes a fire shall be woken...
June 28, 2015

After a six year hiatus on the reviewing front, the writing bug bit me while getting through the last few hours of Etrian Mystery Dungeon. Here was a recent game that I had something to say about. And so I did. No guarantees if this is a one shot deal, or if it's the start of a revival, but we can always hope for the latter.


Review forming in my head...
July 16, 2009

With any luck, I'll get it out of there in time to enter it into the TT. The subject is Hotel Dusk, and the verdict is significant disappointment.

Which seems to be perfectly in line with the reviews already up on the site, but it's just something that needs to be said.


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