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Starting out as a small time reviewer and FAQ author on GameFAQs, my writing has been even more tilted toward the old school than my gaming. I enjoy games of many eras, but I always found it more compelling to write for something that hasn't been done extensively already, which often ruled out the more modern games I played as I tend to run at least a couple of years behind the facts. My Honestgamers catalogue was initially just copying over much of my old GameFAQs work, and then for a time dual submitting to both sites. But over 2015 I posted my first HG exclusives, with hopefully more to follow.

State of the backlog, post 2007
January 02, 2008

Finishes by system

Atelier Iris
Castlevania - Curse of Darkness
Dark Cloud
Dynasty Warriors 3
Final Fantasy X-2
Makai Kingdom - Chronicles of the Sacred Tome
Prince of Persia - Two Thrones
Stella Deus - Gate of Eternity
Wild ARMs 3

Castlevania - Dawn of Sorrow
Castlevania - Portrait of Ruin
Children of Mana
Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney
Phoenix Wright - Justice for All
Phoenix Wright - Trials and Tribulations
WarioWare Touched!

Golden Sun
Harvest Moon - Friends of Mineral Town
Legend of Zelda - Minish Cap
Tactics Ogre - Knight of Lodis

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I think I've outgrown Skramble.
December 13, 2007

I figured I'd play it one more time after all those years, hopefully set a nice little high score (presumably needing a couple of attempts) and have that one out of the way too.

Problem - Skramble has no end, the cycle repeats endlessly, and after the 2nd cycle, doesn't rise in difficulty anymore. I've finished four cycles now and have yet to die.

This could take a while.

No, mr Wright, I expect you to play
November 27, 2007

Phoenix Wright came as a surprise to me, really. When I first heard of it I had no DS, and wasn't sure if this was my kind of game anyway. I endured the fads, sometimes cracking a brave half smile at somebody typing OBJECTION in a forum post, and gave it no real thought otherwise. When I did get my DS, my focus was on Castlevania, then some other games here and there that siara79 recommended. At some point she mentioned she'd picked up Phoenix Wright for me to try when I came over to the US in August. I didn't think much of it - she'd also picked up Etrian Odyssey and Odin Sphere (PS2, that one) for me at my request and I figured that's what I'd be spending most of my time with.

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Good old Impossible Mission.
November 07, 2007

I was way too young when we first played that. Like everything else on our Commodore it was an illegal copy, of course, as everybody did at the time (and I was young enough to still believe that was the *intention* - I only wisened up to the reality of games being sold in stores a few years later). My father consistently misreferred to the game as Mission Impossible, obviously since he watched the series at the time (that WAS at that time, wasn't it?). My sister and I spoke no English at the time and we in turn bastardized the name to "Jimmy Possidoor", which we believed to be the name of the main character.

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Whoops, only just remembered Namco Museum.
November 03, 2007

If anything's suitable for high score submissions it's this. I think that on Dig Dug and Galaga I might even draw some other people out of the woodwork and get some competition, make the high score submissions that much more interesting. Excepting perhaps Galaga these scores shouldn't be that tough to beat. Not on purpose, mind. I just suck nowadays. :P

Sure racking up the HG points like this.
September 28, 2007

Blue Max proves lucrative. My score entry for it had disappeared (aaaah!), the tiny security hole that I suspect was behind it got fixed by HG yesterday, or earlier today, or however the time zones work. Happy with the fix, I found the screenshot I'd used earlier on my USB stick and submitted a new score entry.

Evidently, HG managed to refind my lost entry in the meantime, so when I returned a few hours later my new entry was accepted AND the old one was back up as well, so that the whole world may see not ONCE how awesome Sash is at Blue Max, but twice.

And the kicker - MY resubmit was worth 80 points, and apparently, so was HG's. Adding the original submission, that's now a total 240 over a single record. That Wii will be mine yet.


That "scores" contribution type is interesting...
September 17, 2007

Normally I wouldn't have given a second thought to something filled with, no doubt, Guitar Hero records and God of War combo counts, but just as I first checked out this option a fellow Commodore 64 enthusiast had submitted scores for several old games. Some I could file under "no chance in hell" immediately, such as his score for Impossible Mission (to me, that game lives up to its name). Super Pipeline II was worth a quick try, but I was humbled in minutes. Blue Max, on the other hand - that looked doable.

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