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Starting out as a small time reviewer and FAQ author on GameFAQs, my writing has been even more tilted toward the old school than my gaming. I enjoy games of many eras, but I always found it more compelling to write for something that hasn't been done extensively already, which often ruled out the more modern games I played as I tend to run at least a couple of years behind the facts. My Honestgamers catalogue was initially just copying over much of my old GameFAQs work, and then for a time dual submitting to both sites. But over 2015 I posted my first HG exclusives, with hopefully more to follow.

Attempt a new style
September 11, 2007

Couple of inspirations for this one. The changes to GF's review system - to me anyway - gave new meaning to the differentiation between shorter and longer reviews. A specific purpose to each, perhaps. Since I have this problem with making my reviews far too detailed (and stale as a result) it was nice to try for the quick go for once. At this point I'm letting go of the need to describe everything that stands out in a game, even of the need to hit all the "mandatories" and discuss graphics, story, gameplay, controls, et cetera...basically, sectioned review disguised as an essay. Letting go. Just writing what comes to mind immediately, wrapping it up in 800 words or so, and if I missed anything, tough. If it didn't come to mind it probably wasn't that vital to present my opinion anyw

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