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There goes the dream
July 23, 2009

9 platforms in 9 weeks for the team tourney. That was a fun, outside goal I thought I could pull off.

It fell apart with my Apple Decathlon review tonight, as I don't have any good Turbografx games to review & the planned one never felt tourney-worthy or special. A planned upcoming review was for the Apple, but it should still go forward.

Now I conceivably have an SG-1000 game I could review, but where to fit it in? It's a puzzle game, and the judges don't want/deserve that. Heck, I don't want to suffer through writing it. Or I don't see a way writing for it would not be suffering. Yet. Besides, that 2nd Apple game? Is cool. As hell.

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Other TI stuff
July 18, 2009

After writing my Munchman review I was disappointed I couldn't fit other stuff in there. I didn't have much experience with it, mainly just at my friend's house, and we did other stuff like play basketball and stuff too.

Other things I remember were in Indoor Soccer, where I got so mad my friend thrashed me I scored an own goal. The tradition persists to this day--if I play a soccer game, I try for an own goal early on.

Also, Decathlon, which got ported to several different systems, where the computer's Russian and Chinese players, who never played, won the 100-yard dash in 7 seconds, which prompted all sorts of Commie steroid jokes even before Rocky IV. Well, we could beat the guy from Chile!

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New Platform
July 17, 2009

With my Munchman review I had dreams of a clever, laugh-filled review and couldn't think of much to that end, but I'd wanted to write the review for a while, and I didn't want it blocking bigger reviews. Maybe I can play Munchman II and get editing ideas later. I've gotten more accustomed to that--HG's interface makes it easy to. Of course I proofread stuff before sending it in, but I'm the sort of person who thinks of something to say just after sending off an email.

I will be using a different platform each week for the team tourney, hopefully. I don't think Munchman will cut it against anyone on Enigmatic Chaos(we'd all have a good laugh if it faced BELISARIOS's Alipner review, the only other TI99 review, but I might not like the results) so...

...gotta go with another platform.


Review of a Realistic Game
July 14, 2009

The first time I played Run for the Bus I was a bit scared, I didn't think it would be interesting, I saw it go past and it kind of sucked because I saw the cars running in front of me, sort of like Frogger or Freeway but it's a lot worse if you get hurt. But then it came that magicday, the bus ran across and I didn't give up hope, I zigzagged through traffic past some dumb cars who had a red light to go screech their brakes by and I caught the bus AT THAT VERY RED LIGHT then made it to the L where I saw another bus go by before the L, the game is funny that way. Youd think it gets repetitive but it gets fun when youre already late for work and it's good retro action you don't even need a Walkman for(remember those!) Sometimes I make it 1 stop light behind, I run across the red light and t

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July 11, 2009

I think I posted about being a Purdue fan before. Purdue maybe could've won a national basketball championship in '94 if they'd had a real center. Rashard Griffith went to Wisconsin. But Purdue had a 7 foot guy at the end of the bench. We all wondered why he didn't improve. He had a black belt in Judo.

Well, the fellow at basketbawful has a hilarious story of that. It's about more than basketball. It's about having a bad roommate. Funny to think the stiff at the end of the bench...well, read all seven parts. It's grand storytelling, even if you never saw how awesome Former NBA All-Star was in college. And apparently there's more to come!

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8th grade memories
July 10, 2009

Eighth grade was one of the happier years in my adolescence. I was in a class with a lot of good people, and my homeroom teacher was nice, too. He gave us something called the "T-Option." Basically, if you printed a writing assignment on the computer, you got an extra day! Those of us with spiffy Apple IIes were way ahead of the game. Others could still go to the computer lab. Procrastinators like me loved it. My parents hated the dot matrix printer whizzing along around 9 PM.

And for this, and because he was Mr. T. Brown, we gave him the respectful yet playful nickname "T-Bone." Many other teachers had much worse.

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Lazier on the long weekends
July 03, 2009

Workout lazier, not writing lazier. Planned to go this AM, slept in, then wanted to avoid Cubs traffic.

But I used these excuses to actually, you know, write, instead of goof around. Which is good. I've been goofing around on my work breaks instead of writing/organizing writing recently, and vacation/holidays tend to help me change that. But just before leaving I talked with someone about my writing textfile, how many lines it has, and how it'd only take X days if I looked at Y lines a day, and that is just simple arithmetic and why didn't I think of that before. This person is a great sounding board for that sort of thing, and it's not accidental. He's someone who wants more than beer-and-pizza-and-laugh-at-dumb-people out of life.

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