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Most badass music ever (IMHO, honestly!)
September 25, 2009

Hello everyone.

So, perusing the HG logs, I see many of you post about music in your blogs! Specially Genj, who I added as a friend just to get his music updates.

Well, I am a Jazz lover myself, perhaps a rarity here... I'm not into not Kenny G, mind you, but more like "Miles in Montreux '73" Jazz. (an ultra-rare live performance where the master is booed off-stage, yet makes music I love)

At any rate, I'm listening right now to the song which I think is the most badass ever. It may not be the best ever, but it is unaparalleled in badass-ness, if you ask me.

This song is called "Champagne of Course", and is performed by Terje Rypdal, Bjørnar Andresen & Espen Rud in their 1970 album "Min Bul".

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Der Langrisser reviewed
September 21, 2009

Just submitted a Der Langrisser review.

It says the things I wanted to say about this game, so in many ways it's more of a review for bringing peace to my soul than anything else.

On the other hand, the many screenshots I submitted are mostly daft fun. I had quite a laugh collecting them, and I hope you have some too from seeing (reading, actually) them.

Plot twist of the week
September 11, 2009

I was just at "Armor games" the other day. It's a site where some serious flash gaming goes on. I wouldn't be surprised if some of you guys hated it, be it because it's just too casual or because a company where you worked at got bankrupt when its employees learned of it.

Anyway, I just finished playing one of their games, "Stick War". The game itself is good and challenging, tough little more than a way to spend one or two hours.

However, it ends with a twist that... well, i'll talk little of it, except that I didn't see it coming, and even if I did I wouldn't find it less brilliant.

It only makes sense in the game's context, and to learn about it you'd have to play the game to the end. But still, it's the best twist i've seen in a game for a looooong, long time.

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Matrix Cubed
September 01, 2009

I've just submitted a review for a game featuring NEO and the Matrix... device.

New review, after a lot of time idle.
August 22, 2009

Hello Everyone.

After many months idle, I've submitted a review for the site.

It's for the PC version of Buck Rogers: Countdown to doomsday.

Hopefully, you'll like it. Or at least not hate it! :p


(Untitled Post)
April 20, 2008

Well, I just reviewed that EXCELLENT game 'Phantasy Star Gaiden'.

I also am strating to think that the fate that befell the 'Valis' sseries was maybe not so horrible as that of 'Phantasy Star'...

Anyway, I'd love to compare this game with that PC-engine rpg that Zig reviewed once, something about a magic flute or whatnot, that got a 2/10 score.

(this one got a 1/10)

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'My hero' review.
April 12, 2008

I just submitted a review for this SMS game.

I'll admit it got longer than I expected, but this game made me feel so mocked that I felt I needed to express the whole extent of my hate for it.

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