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The first time I edit a review.
April 10, 2008

As a Historian, I think that some flaws should be acknowledged as being 'existent' and therefore present their ugly faces to mankind so that people may learn with them. Especially when these flaws don't really do the world much harm and just boggle some intellectual-elite video-game afficcionados!

Therefore, I have a bit of a policy not to go around massively editing my flawed reviews.

Still, just because something is flawed, doesn't mean it should be ANNOYING as well!

My REVIEW for Ultima: Martian Dreams was deemed ANNOYING by people with influence because IT capitALIZES appAREntly RaNdOm LETTERS!

Learning from this mistake, i set out to repair this wrondingdoing and edit my review for the game so that it could be LESS ANNOYING!

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'Ultima: Martian Dreams' Review
April 04, 2008

I have just submitted a review for this game about that important historical moment when Sigmund Freud & Nikolai Tesla went to rescue those guys who got stranded in Mars.

It's a submission meant for the brevity contest, so it's a brief review!

Warning forever reviewed.
March 29, 2008

Since 'Warning Forever' has been added to the database, I have submitted my review for it!

And some nifty screenshots too.

Actually, 'Warning Forever' is one of those games that looks truly good when in motion, with all the explosions, the laser beams, the vulcan shots in the air, and all that. The still screenshots do the game little justice.

I'm off to play more 'Warning Forever'! Yay!

HG cybersquatted?!
March 28, 2008

So... I loaded the HG main page sometime earlier today... and was re-directed to a typical cyber-squatter site!

Later on I re-loaed the page and was was nice and peachy.

So... evil greedy undead cybersquatters loom over these premises?!

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Icewind Dale Review
March 21, 2008

After reading the review about 'Hard to a God' and the comment on how the enemies were terribly stupid, I decided to write about another game that suffered with a similar scheme: Icewind Dale!

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Star Control 3 review up.
March 15, 2008

All right, with the game now in the list, I submitted my review for it!

As soon as it is displayed on the site, i expect fans of 'Star Control 2' to come to my blog here and start demanding my head for giving the game 4 points more than they think it deserved!

Still, I don't see why it should be so hated in the gaming community. Come one guys! OK, so the ending sucked terribly (it's not much of a spoiler, because the ending is 'get dumped in the credits screen, the same clickable on the main menu'), but at least discovering that the precursors disappeared because [CLASSIFIED] was a really clever way of explaining it! Don't you think?!

Where's 'Star Control 3'?!
March 14, 2008

I have just written a review for the vilified adventure game (no, not RPG, not Strategy) 'Star Control 3'....

... and yet i cannot send it because it does not grace the site's game listings!

What should I do?!


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