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April 19, 2006

Well, here we have it. The reason why Microsoft Japan can't satisfy local gamers is more than their inability to supply software tailor made to the local market. It stretches beyond the incompetence they've shown in targeting their machine at the correct audience, and it has absolutely nothing what-so-ever to do with their Japanese business practises. Their problem lies in customer service and support, and the lack of care they have in dealing with the end-user is quite frankly, disgusting.

Of course, my sour opinion of their latest console is based on a personal experience that needs to be told. I can't say this situation will be the same for everyone, but if their indifferent Japanese nature is anything to go by, then I'm willing to bet it's game over Japan.

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Cheating Xbox Live and Getting Shit for Free
January 07, 2006

So you live in America (or Japan, or Europe) and want to get the most out of your Xbox Live Market Place? I found this tip recently and it's been incredibly helpful in getting around Microsoft Japan's crap support. By following these steps, you'll be able to download and play anything Microsoft have posted in any region's Market Place. Including all those flash new demos Japan has...

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Xbox Live? Don't make me laugh
December 31, 2005

So I live in Japan, have an Xbox 360, and I surf the net... fuck you Microsoft! It seems like every other week I hear about some new demo that gets distributed on Xbox Live in the US, and even though it's meant to be a universal service, that shit's not available over here.

You can't tell me Japanese gamers aren't interested in downloading new demos. We've got broadband a damn side faster than anything the US has to offer, so why no love for us? Maybe someone, somewhere thought that games like Quake 4 or Condemed don' appeal to this region. In response to that however, I'd say how do you know until you've bloody tried? Those demos are now doing the rounds overseas, yet here when I look at my "New Download" list, all I've got are 2 Perfect Dark Zero icon packs. Whoopdefuckndoo.

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The truth hurts
December 30, 2005

Just something I had laying around. I didn't write this, but I thought it was funny as all hell so I saved it. There's some merit to what this guy has to say about Japan, but at the same time he's being pretty harsh

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T minus 24 hours and counting
December 30, 2005

Japan can be an odd place at the best of times, but until now, it was always New Years Eve that puzzled me the most. At midnight in Australia, people are generally partying hard, swilling beer and living the good life as the clock finally counts down to zero. There's nothing unusual about that right? Hell, isn't that how it is with the rest of the world?

Wrong. In Japan, every stays home and watches TV with the family. And failing that, they go to a shrine and pray!

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Thoughts from the sofa
December 29, 2005

Dead or Alive 4 (X360) Team Ninja have just pwn'd my soul by delivering the killer app the 360 so desperately needed. Even if you haven't heard a thing about DOA4, players familiar with the franchise should already know what to expect. Awesome 3D fight action, sublime counters, and lots and lots of jiggling breasts. It looks awesome in high definition, and the revamped FX work really lights up the screen. Seriously, go and buy yourself a new TV, NOW! You won't be sorry! Anyway, my goal is to unlock the hidden Spartan and kick Zigfried's arse all over the internets. Anyone looking to join in on the fun?

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Festive Greetings
December 24, 2005

Christmas in Japan is all about getting your end away... mission accomplished. Festive greetings from the East everyone!

Now what we need is, MORE BEER!


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