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Thoughts from the sofa
December 29, 2005

Dead or Alive 4 (X360) Team Ninja have just pwn'd my soul by delivering the killer app the 360 so desperately needed. Even if you haven't heard a thing about DOA4, players familiar with the franchise should already know what to expect. Awesome 3D fight action, sublime counters, and lots and lots of jiggling breasts. It looks awesome in high definition, and the revamped FX work really lights up the screen. Seriously, go and buy yourself a new TV, NOW! You won't be sorry! Anyway, my goal is to unlock the hidden Spartan and kick Zigfried's arse all over the internets. Anyone looking to join in on the fun?

Wrestle Kingdom (X360) Yukes have delivered a solidly enjoyable wrestling game that takes an unfortunate three count from fellow stable mate, Smackdown. Say what you will about the hi-res textures, and how great the crowds look, the game's CAW simply isn't up to scratch while the lack of gameplay options is a worry. That being said however, Wrestle Kingdom is easily the best genre sports game to hit any Xbox, though the likes of Raw 1/2 have made the feat seem less impressive than it really is.

Me and My Katamari (PSP) I'm not really sure what to make of this game. On one hand, the classic gameplay has been well represented on Sony's handheld with the same great vibes and fantastic music. The lack of dual analogue sticks however, can be a downer as players are forced to use the D-pad in conjunction with the unit's face buttons in order to move their Katamari. Something that takes some serious getting used to! Still, as much fun as it eventually is, I'm left to wonder if we're getting too much of little Prince Ouji. 3 Katamari games in 2 years may put you in ball rolling overload.

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