A sexy picture
September 01, 2006

Well, people periodically make fun of my old picture and sometimes ask for something more recent, so I got a coworker with a photography degree to take a quick picture of me at work today. He used a crappy digital camera but I think it came out fairly well:

The picture was taken in the alley behind our store and we spent probably two minutes trying a few shots. I'm not going to pay some professional studio for a picture or anything, so this will probably be the picture I have to use online now for a few years. It's accurate, at least, blemishes and all.

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Genj Genj - September 01, 2006 (10:44 PM)
I have shorter hair than you now. You should be ashamed.
joseph_valencia joseph_valencia - September 02, 2006 (07:33 AM)
You look kind of like Mark Hamill.
draqq_zyxx draqq_zyxx - September 03, 2006 (08:56 AM)
I'm going to call Queer Eye on you. No, actually, the picture is perfectly fine. Much better than your previous pic.
tristis_iranica tristis_iranica - September 03, 2006 (09:21 AM)
Hey, Jason, why don't you look screamo today?
goldenvortex goldenvortex - September 04, 2006 (04:50 PM)

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