Invalid characterset or character set not supported So I finally got around to publishing another book...

So I finally got around to publishing another book...
August 22, 2021

This is a video game site, so I try not to post often about personal things unrelated, even though this is my blog. However, this is one of those times when I'm going to make an exception because how could I not?

As this post's title notes, I've published another book. The last time I did that was in the year 2000, when this site was much smaller and (as far as I can recall) I didn't know any of you who are likely to read this post today. A lot can change in over 20 years.

Forest Lessons, my new novel, is the first in what I hope will be a series of somewhere around seven or eight books. It may wind up consisting of far fewer volumes, or quite a few more. I don't know yet, because I just got done writing this one. Even a shorter novel (this one comes in around 52,000 words) is a bit of a project, so it's a relief to finally have something new out in the wild.

The story qualifies as dark fantasy, with mystery elements. It's not for children, what with the violence and sexuality, though teen readers might well enjoy it.

A new book from a new author will always have trouble finding an audience, so I anticipate a struggle as I try to find an audience for this story. I've enrolled it in the Kindle Unlimited program, which means you can read it for free on your Kindle if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription (and if you're an avid reader, you might want to consider it). In that event, I get paid based on how many people read however many pages, so I'd be happy if all sorts of folks read it during this initial three-month window. I don't know how things will go from there and will play it by ear.

If you do read the book, I invite you to leave a customer review on Amazon. Honest criticism is fine and even encouraged. I hope to write fiction regularly, going forward, and it's always helpful to hear from readers so I know what I'm doing that they like and what I'm doing that they'd rather I did not. So if you're a reader and you like fantasy and you have the time, please read Forest Lessons today. Or, you know... over the course of several days. Whatever works for you. Thanks!

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dagoss dagoss - August 23, 2021 (02:57 PM)
Congratulations! I hope you find an audience. Are you planning to publish with dead trees or just digitally?
honestgamer honestgamer - August 23, 2021 (03:14 PM)
Just digitally for now, but I would like to have a physical version for myself, to put on my bookshelf. I'll probably arrange for physical copies eventually!
dementedhut dementedhut - August 24, 2021 (04:00 PM)
Congrats on your second book!
bwv_639 bwv_639 - August 25, 2021 (04:47 AM)
It's impressive, the 21-year hiatus between your previous literary output and this here.
honestgamer honestgamer - August 27, 2021 (02:46 PM)
I suppose it is impressive in a way, but I would rather impress people by telling a lot of great stories. Now that I've nailed the whole "wait 20 years between releases" thing, I might as well move in the opposite direction!

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