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August 06, 2017

What did you do with your weekend? I spent most of mine coding, and the result is a collection of adjustments around the site. The big, obvious differences are the systems pages (which I posted about previously) and the site's landing page. Those are hard to miss.

However, I also spent a few hours coding an update to our image assets functionality. The change brings the image assets in line with what I set up for guides, where instead of inserting a big long bit of HTML (which not everyone knows), you can just insert a simple image insertion tag.

When you put an image insertion tag in a review, the site knows to look for an image, and to format it so that it has a border, is centered, and is 640 pixels wide. That's what we need from most images. You can also modify the tag very slightly and put two images next to each other. There are directions on the image assets page, and it's very simple. Again, no HTML is necessary. The smaller images can be clicked on if the viewer wants to see a larger version.

The change is important because it should allow more people to insert images, and because it can be modified if the site has any serious revisions down the road. Also, I've added tags that will help those images--and therefore your reviews--to perform better in search engines, which could drive more traffic to your content. I hope that you'll have no trouble using the new insertion tags system. It's the ideal way to add images.

If you have a bunch of older reviews and you would like them updated so they use the insertion tags, let me know and I can do that work on your behalf. Then you can start doing that yourself, going forward. This is a change I've wanted to make for quite some time, and I'm glad I was able to spend a productive weekend and get it done. Anything that makes the site easier to use and easier to find in search engines is good in my book!

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JoeTheDestroyer JoeTheDestroyer - August 06, 2017 (11:46 PM)
You did all of that and you copy edited reviews. Thank you for what you do!
honestgamer honestgamer - August 06, 2017 (11:53 PM)
I do what I do only because people like you continue to do what you do, and that keeps the site alive and gives me reason hope it will be fun for everyone for a long time to come. So the "thank you" goes both ways! ;-)
hastypixels hastypixels - August 11, 2017 (02:35 PM)
Thank you very much. :)

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