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August 05, 2017

HonestGamers is a site for game reviews, first and foremost, and that's not likely to ever change. Even though things have slowed a bit recently, I remain committed to ensuring the site is one of the finest gaming destinations on the Internet. Part of that effort involves producing supplemental content, such as guides and screenshots, but the system profile pages haven't advertised the extra work that goes on behind the scenes for quite some time.

Today, I addressed that. Now you can check the individual system pages (accessible as always from the bar near the top of most pages on the site) to see the newest reviews, right at the top of the page like usual. However, you can also keep scrolling to also see the two most recent guides that have been posted (when relevant) and the latest 10 image galleries (also, when relevant).

I believe the page now does a better job of highlighting the volume of work that goes into such a huge project. Keep in mind that when you submit a new review, it's a good idea to submit images if there aren't already any in the database. That helps the site to more attractively promote your new content, plus you can then drop those images in your reviews (on system pages, the top slot will always go to a review for a game that has images available).

A lot of people enjoy images because they break up the text a bit and make longer reads less intimidating. Images are also great for SEO, so that more people find your reviews when they're looking around on search engines. However, not everyone has the ability to contribute images, for security reasons. Let me know if you need access, and I can upgrade your account.

Thank you, as always, for continuing to use the site and for sharing your reviews and game discussion. Your involvement routinely inspires me as I look for new ways to push the site forward and reach a wider audience, hopefully without compromising the qualities that made the site so much fun in the first place. You're always welcome to reach out if you have feedback about how I can do better in the future. While I can't always address things quickly, I do consider what you say as I make tweaks down the road. Have a good day!

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