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Super Mario Maker courses thread
September 27, 2015

Super Mario Maker is a lot of fun, and the more time you spend with it, the better you'll get at designing new courses... at least in theory.

Unfortunately, with so many people building courses (and with a lot of them representing early efforts that aren't a lot of fun to play), there are necessary limits to how many courses an individual can upload. Until you earn a lot of "favorites" from other people who play through your courses, you won't be able to upload more than 10 courses.

I've decided to keep track of my own courses using this blog post. As I upload new courses and delete older ones, I'll post a record here with course numbers in case you want to try playing through the courses I've designed. That way, I'm not posting a bunch of new entries with info that is soon outdated. You're welcome to reply to this post with some courses of your own or (better yet) with a link to a similar blog post of your own that lists your courses.

My Current Available Courses:

Course Name: Plumber Does Right
Course ID: 7371-0000-00C3-A579
Game: Super Mario World

Course Name: Coin Hunt
Course ID: 38E0-0000-00C6-9F95
Game: New Super Mario Bros.

Course Name: Let's All Go to the Castle!
Course ID: E1F0-0000-00C3-40E3
Game: Super Mario Bros. 3

Course Name: A Proper Gauntlet
Course ID: EAD7-0000-0078-1713
Game: Super Mario Bros. 3

Course Name: Scrolling Fun
Course ID: 2A62-0000-0054-5A21
Game: Super Mario Bros. 3

Course Name: Everybody Loves Airships
Course ID: 79C7-0000-008D-04DD
Game: Super Mario Bros. 3

Course Name: Bill's Debut
Course ID: 31B5-0000-0053-DF4D
Game: Super Mario Bros.

Course Name: Back for More
Course ID: DD9B-0000-0053-7475
Game: Super Mario Bros.

Course Name: Ground Mostly Optional
Course ID: E72C-0000-0053-50C2
Game: Super Mario Bros.

The courses above should all be available as of the last time I updated this post, though some may be removed without my knowledge over time, if Nintendo decides they aren't popular enough. Feel free to let me know if the above post directs you toward a course that is no longer available so I can make an update. Thanks!

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