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And then there was the time I sent my game design to Nintendo of America
January 24, 2015

In early 1990, when I was either 11 or 12, I sent a packet to Nintendo of America. Inside, there were quite a few drawings and text explaining how everything fit together. I was pitching them a new Mario game.

After sending that important message, all that was left for me to do was wait. Then, in early July, I finally heard back. Nintendo sent a nice-sized packet, and when I opened it, I found out that they would not be using my ideas. They were very encouraging, though, and I saved the letter. More recently, I scanned it, and now I'm posting it here (with my address and the signature/name of the person who responded cropped out) for posterity:

I've been a fan of Nintendo and its games for a long while, and this letter (partly) shows why. When I sent an unsolicited idea, the company didn't have to send a careful response, and didn't need to return my documents. Sending them through the paper shredder probably would have worked just as well.

Instead, though, the company complimented me on my creativity and returned my plans so that I wouldn't have to feel my work was wasted. I still have the plans somewhere, too, but they're very juvenile and rough and I don't feel like digging them up and scanning them. Still, I appreciate that Nintendo took me seriously and was so encouraging, even though what I received was likely just a form letter prepared in advance for just such an occasion.

Did you ever contact a favorite game publisher? Did they write back to you? I'd love to hear your stories here on the blogs, if you have them!

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jerec jerec - January 24, 2015 (02:53 PM)
It's nice that they encourage children to be creative and they very reasonably explained why they couldn't use your info.

But hey, put your ideas to use through the power of Indie!

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