Impressions of a Just Cause 2 onlooker
May 07, 2010

I haven't had time to play Just Cause 2 yet and it's possible that I never will, but my brother-in-law bought a copy for Xbox 360 and sometimes I watch him play it while I'm getting other things done (like meaningless blog posts). Here is one such blog post.

Chemical Heist

So, my brother-in-law was asked to find three sample vials and to deliver them to a set location before they could get cold. He ran around, gathering samples and blasting a bunch of goons to do it. Then he took off in a helicopter in the rooftop after killing a fleeing scientist who had been attempting to get away with the final of the three samples. He took to the sky and soon a meter appeared to show that the sample temperature was heating up. As he drw near to his location--about a kilometer away--he saw that he was going to have to leave the helicopter and skydive to make it in time. So he did... and as he was about to land on the ground near the sample dropoff location, he instead landed on the hood of a vehicle that was driving away from the drop site. It took him a second to realize that he hadn't landed on the ground as intended, to roll of the hood and to come back to his feet. Then he had to start running toward the drop site. He made it just in time, with the narrowest sliver of time to spare. It was tense.

There are nice cars in Just Cause 2

There are nice cars in Just Cause 2. A Lamborghini knockoff is especially nice. My brother-in-law stole one and was driving it along the highway. As he cruised around a corner, he hit a small bump and careened off the road. He'd been caught in death traps before, so he bailed to make sure he'd be fine, then looked back at the car. It appeared to be fine, so he paused to pan the camera over it and to demonstrate to me what a sweet ride it was.

A guy in a Humvee knockoff pulled up, jumped out of his vehicle and ran over to the car, then jumped in and started to take off with it. Disgusted, my brother-in-law ran after him, shouting "He's one of my guys!" and grabbed him by the arm, then yanked him out of the car and jumped into the driver seat himself.

The soldier ran back to his Humvee and started driving away as a pursuing police cruiser zoomed into view, lights flashing. The soldier was wanted by the law (grand theft auto, perhaps) and was fleeing. The police cruiser slammed against my brother-in-law's car on the way past. The police in this game drive like morons. They really do.

Just Cause 2 looks like a pretty sweet game. It's definitely 'open world' done right.

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zippdementia zippdementia - May 08, 2010 (12:41 AM)
Yeah, I keep forgetting that I need to pick this up. Then I remember I have no money and go back to forgetting. But one of these days, that cycle will be broken by the sound of 60 dollars leaving my possession.

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