Invalid characterset or character set not supported My first review in 2009

My first review in 2009
January 14, 2009

So, I didn't post any new reviews in December, thanks to work I was doing on a game guide. And January is now halfway through, so I figured that it was time to review a game. Here's the link:

Castlevania Judgment (Wii)

I'm a bit rusty but mostly I like how the review turned out. I'll try to stay in better practice as I continue through the year. You'll probably be seeing a lot of Wii game reviews from me in the weeks ahead, so watch for that!

Counter: 43 reviews to go until I reach 500!

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JANUS2 JANUS2 - January 17, 2009 (01:48 PM)
Great review. I enjoyed it so much I read it twice!
threetimes threetimes - February 02, 2009 (06:59 PM)
Not sure how to work this site as yet, but just wanted to say that your review for Monster Lair was one of the reasons I got the game, and I love it!
It's a typical Atlus choice for localisation. Gently comic, great gameplay, and addictive to the nth degree. I can't stop playing.
honestgamer honestgamer - February 02, 2009 (08:49 PM)
I'm glad you like the game, and that my review nudged you in the direction of picking up the game. It really is a great game that should last you a long time. Eventually it does get old, but by then it's more than justified the cost of admission in terms of fun had and hours played.
threetimes threetimes - February 08, 2009 (08:02 PM)
Still playing. Not bored yet.

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