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McCain Replaces Palin with Startled Deer
October 05, 2008

There's an important political article that none of you should miss:

Oh yeah, you know you want to click!

Also, what do you all think about the O.J. Simpson conviction? Myself, I can't help but think that the jury was using this (relatively) petty crime as a way to put him in jail for the murder many believe he committed in 1994 (though as we all know, he was cleared of that crime).

The story as I understand it is that one year ago, some goon was going to sell a bunch of O.J. Simpson's stuff to the highest bidder. Simpson, figuring the police wouldn't be anxious to help him because of past events, rounded up a posse of friends and went to confront the guy planning to sell the stolen goods.

At the confrontation, O.J. Simpson shouted to his cohorts to "not let anyone leave this room," which to me sounds like typical language for a robbery but which the prosecution has somehow turned into a charge of kidnapping. What the hell?!

The kidnapping charge is enough that Simpson could be put away for life (he's now 61). The other stuff amounts to as little as two years in jail.

The whole thing leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Punish the guy for what you've proved that he did, not for what you failed to prove that he did 15 years ago!

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joseph_valencia joseph_valencia - October 05, 2008 (03:19 PM)
I'm glad OJ is finally getting locked up for that murder he committed.
Suskie Suskie - October 05, 2008 (07:40 PM)
On the subject of Sarah Palin, HG is obviously not a place for politics and I've tried to restrain from making my political views too prominent, but now that she's stated that Obama "pals around with terrorists," I think I'm in the clear to make fun of how retarded this woman is.

As for the OJ case, I don't think you entirely understand how his original trial played out. It's not that anyone "failed to prove" his guilt beforehand; do a Google search, find a good article on the trial, and you'll see that the evidence against him was OVERWHELMING. People don't hate the guy because they think he got away with murder. They hate him because they know he got away with murder. You're absolutely right about him being over-charged for this crime, and it's certainly no secret. Honestly, though? I think you're about the only person who cares. For the rest of us, the knowledge that he's in prison right now makes us sleep just a little better.
Halon Halon - October 05, 2008 (09:12 PM)
If I did what OJ did I would probably get the same sentence so it's pretty fair to me.

It seems that I wind up getting in political discussions on every site I visit except here (you should've seen how much rage and hostility I caused on the politics board on GameFAQs back in the day) so maybe I should keep it that way.
Lewis Lewis - October 06, 2008 (01:38 AM)
The Republicans are a lot smarter than they make out. People actually buy into this shit, and they damn well know it. Think this will be a tough race, in all honesty, if McCain (which still sounds far too similar to Bruce Willis in Die Hard for my liking) plays to certain areas' deluded rightism as much as the Bush administration did. Obama clearly needs to win, though, and I'd hope the majority of the country appreciates that.

He makes me sad that British politics doesn't have as inspirational a character, to be honest. We're led by a bloke who seems more intent on shouting "LOOK AT ME, I'M DIFFERENT TO BLAIR!", a leader of the opposition who inexplicably tries to be Blair, and a third party leader who couldn't be more nondescript if he tried.
Halon Halon - October 06, 2008 (09:03 AM)
Well isn't Obama just saying "LOOK AT ME, I'M DIFFERENT TO BUSH"? I'm not criticizing that because it's been super effective, but he doesn't have a substantial lead because of his politics or debating abilities. All he's doing is saying he's different than Mccain, who will basically be (according to the dems) a third term of Bush. He's been on the attack the whole campaign and the passiveness of the Republicans is really hurting them.
honestgamer honestgamer - October 06, 2008 (09:47 AM)
Obama is saying a lot of what the American people want to hear. That's his weapon, and it's an effective one. Of course, what a lot of people don't realize is that much of what Obama says will happen if he gets elected... won't.

Still, I guess I'd rather hear someone on television that at least knows how to sound intelligent. With McCain and Palin in office, we wouldn't have that luxury (particularly if McCain dies early in his term and we're left with the trainwreck that is Palin).

Since the president is mostly a figurehead who can throw temper tantrums and block legislation once in awhile, sounding reasonably intelligent is probably the most important function of the office at this point.
Suskie Suskie - October 06, 2008 (10:39 AM)
Yeah, when you think about how unpopular Bush is, basing your campaign around how different you are is really one of the sure-fire ways to relate to a large portion of the American population. Likewise, labeling McCain as "Bush's third term" is a very effective method of rallying up Obama support. I guess you can't blame the guy for taking the best courses of action to get elected.
Halon Halon - October 06, 2008 (04:37 PM)
Yeah Mccain needs to start attacking now or else it will be too late (if it isn't already too late). Obama is up eight points nationally and more importantly up about 100 points in the electoral vote. Even though democrats are known for being lazy when it comes to voting this margin should be more than enough to easily clinch a victory.
sashanan sashanan - October 07, 2008 (10:01 AM)
I don't know enough about either of OJ's cases to make a judgement, but I'd think it obvious that is morally and legally wrong to punish someone by proxy for a past case after the legal system has found them innocent.

I also don't care much for the idea of a jury system but that's not here and now.

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