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Interesting about Xbox 360 issues
September 17, 2008

So, the Xbox 360 poll on the site has had some results that I consider interesting. First, we're over 220 total votes now, which means that we've extended beyond our close-knit community audience to more infrequent visitors.

Secondly, the results show that more than 40% of those users don't own an Xbox 360. Of the remainder that do, 3% sold them some time ago. So there's about 54% of the site's users that have Xbox 360 consoles and play them with any real frequency at all.

Now, of that 54%, just under half have never had the Red Rings of Death experience. That means that over half of the HonestGamers users who own and use Xbox 360 consoles have experienced the issue, with about half of that number experiencing it more than once!

It's true that HonestGamers attracts more hardcore gamers. There are probably a lot of casual gamers who don't know about the site and who have never encountered issues. They obviously wouldn't have voted on the poll, which would skew results in a direction that Microsoft would be quick to point out (I'm sure) is not entirely representative of the standard Xbox 360 experience.

Still... less than half of the Xbox 360 owners who visited HonestGamers and chose to vote on the poll have never had the Red Ring of Death.

Looks like from a hardware standpoint, it's a pretty poor choice for a hardcore gamer. Software-wise, naturally, is another story entirely.

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disco1960 disco1960 - September 17, 2008 (05:52 PM)
I would get the Elite box instantly if they ever fixed that damn thing!
bloomer bloomer - September 24, 2008 (08:18 AM)
Re: hard and 'soft' core... My own lack of Xbox is down to my continued adherance to my longstanding bloody-minded prejudice of banning all Microsoft products from my life, which I began 12 years ago. Even when Bungie was bought by Microsoft (or perhaps because it was), I still didn't flinch. I waited long enough and eventually Bungie bought themselves back. I chose to interpret that as vindication of my viewpoint by higher forces.

My MS avoidance has become such a thoughtless and effortless habit that it seems I'd be mad to break it. Like when my friend just decided one day to never eat Mcdonalds again, and he never did (that was a decade+ ago). I see my own course of action where MS is concerned as acquiring that level of admirable-ness :)

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