The PSP is the Playstation 2's dream realized
December 12, 2005

Tonight, my wife was watching television and there was an ad on for The Brother's Grimm. I'm referring to the Matt Damon and Heath Ledger movie that Terry Gillam directed. It was a pretty big flop in theatres, I guess. Anyway, the add said "Coming soon to DVD and PSP," like it was the most natural thing in the world.

It really struck me that the system is about movies, not games. If you go to IGN's PSP section, you'll find there are a ton of reviews for the UMD movie discs, but not so many for the games themselves. It's like the PSP is trying to be the iPod of movies. Is this a way to broaden the fanbase, then start luring developers into making games that may never sell? Or is Sony just really trying to corner the movie market before Apple can truly get a hold (Apple has downloadable movies available for its newest iPod, after all)? I don't know, but I do know one thing: the Nintendo DS is the best handheld going right now if you just want to play great games.

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zigfried zigfried - December 13, 2005 (03:53 PM)
The DS doesn't have TOKOBOT!

Genj Genj - December 13, 2005 (08:59 PM)
Anyone that buys those UMD movies is an idiot. You can get hot, new DVDs off amazon for $12-15 while those UMD ones are always $20 a piece. Besides, can they fit extras on that tiny disc? I dunno but I highly doubt it. Plus there's the fact you're only going to be able to watch the thing on your small PSP screen. It'd probably be cheaper (and smarter) to just invest in a portable DVD player.

DS has some good titles now. Gasp! I still prefer my iPod.
midwinter midwinter - December 13, 2005 (10:19 PM)
In the last few weeks, the PSP has literally exploded in potential over here. We're getting a ton of awesome releases every week, and right now it doesn't show signs of stopping.

Monster Hunter Freedom, Metal Gear Acid 2, Exit, I My Katamari, Irregular Hunter X, Tokobot, and Jet de GO! all look like fantastic reelases for December. And next month we're getting Every Extend Extra, Y's, Taito Memories Portable, Street Fighter Alpha Double Upper, and not one, but TWO train sims!

Seriously, who needs UMD movies when things are this good?
goldenvortex goldenvortex - December 14, 2005 (07:28 AM)
ipods suck.

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