Presenting this year's OctJOEber offering: THE STEAM MARKETPLACE MASSACRE
September 11, 2021

"Joe, you haven't written much this year."

Correction. I haven't posted much this year, but I have at least 17 unposted reviews. I had one project I was working on that wasn't specifically intended to be an OctJOEber one, but just happened to see its completion right this month. Since we're this close, I may as well unveil it as such.

Because I have enough horror in my library to do several October projects

1. Mad Father Remake
RPG Maker fare featuring a girl who discovers that her father is a mad scientist, and must find him somewhere in their mansion that's crawling with zombies and killer dolls.

2. A Wolf in Autumn
Surrealist walking simulator with a handful of puzzles and implied threats. Also, something about motherhood...

3. Apartment 666
PT just called. It wants something back. Maybe not everything, because this game took some of its worst parts, but definitely something.

4. Kio's Adventure
An earthquake in Japan unleashes zombies, crawling lumps of flesh, ghosts, torture chambers, cannibalistic nerds, and forth wall-breaking content.

5. You Deserve
Help a girl escape her nightmares, and her sordid past as a school bully...

A smart phone simulator where a missing girl wants to remain missing, but you, her ex-boyfriend, and one of her potential love interests want to find her. Maybe you shouldn't, though...

7. God's Basement
You're in the afterlife! No, this isn't a spoiler, the game tells you as much right off. Grandma wants to meet you, but HOLY SHIT GRANDMA NO STAY AWAY!

8. Oakwood
There's nothing quite like camping in British Columbia... in the middle of nowhere... in an abandoned campground... with carnivorous dinosaurs...

9. Locked-in syndrome
Another surreal adventure game. What could possibly be- Oh, come on, that ending has been done to death.

10. Tamashii
Super Meat Boy had a kid with Escape Goat, and it drops acid with Blasphemous on the weekends.

11 and beyond
We shall see... Mwahahahahaha!

Most recent blog posts from Joseph Shaffer...

overdrive overdrive - September 15, 2021 (12:33 PM)
Credit where credit is due. After a few years of Fright-themed October reviews, I'd be thinking the luster would wear off due to so much stuff getting covered that it'd devolve into the same stuff being reviewed over and over, just with different people hitting those games. But here you are with a list of stuff and I don't know if I've heard of any of them. Keeps things interesting for me as a reader of all the stuff that gets posted that month.

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