AlphaMurderthon update #2
October 31, 2020

Confirmed Games
A is for Alan Wake (rough draft complete)
C is for Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth (rough draft complete)
J is for Joe's Diner (ready to submit)

Now Playing
I'm undecided what I'll play next, but Bloodstained and The Last of Us are likely choices. I'm also tempted to get Xenophobe out of the way, since it's one I'm not looking forward to playing again.

-Quake II has been replaced with Quiet Valley for the planned list
-If by some chance I can't make it through Resident Evil--because I've given up on this game a few times already--them its replacement might be Remothered: Tormented Fathers. You know, another game I gave up on...
-Bendy and the Ink Machine will not be part of the list, as it will be posted this year on Halloween.

Fun Facts
-I considered posting my Joe's Diner review this year and covering Just Ignore Them next year. Obviously, I can't use Judas, since I already reviewed that.
-I was originally going to do Aliens: Colonial Marines because I heard that it's been vastly improved. However, since I had an old review for Alan Wake I could more easily repurpose, I decided to go with that. Maybe some other time, though...
-My alternative pick for C was Camp Sunshine, which I've been meaning to finish for a long time. I keep dragging my feet on it, even though I liked what little I played.

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EmP EmP - November 01, 2020 (08:51 AM)
This site has a long history of Alan Wake reviews, but no universal opinion has stuck. Everyone should be adding to it.

Aliens: Colonial Marines now has better enemy AI and less bugs than when it launched, but the core game is still rancid.

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