Game Progress 1/2/20
January 02, 2020

GunValkryie (Xbox)
I've had all I can stand of this bland, tedious shooter. I killed the first boss, tried my hand at the next stage and died--both in the game and of boredom.

A platformer on Steam that mimics old DOS games. Unfortunately, it apes them a little too closely, because it feels way dated. I got all the way to the final boss before experiencing a game over, and didn't feel like trying again. I've had my fill.

Huntsman: The Orphanage (PC)
An extremely boring, tedious first-person horror game where you explore a ruined orphanage, searching for items related to the restless souls of twelve different orphans. You then have to slowly march out to the the backyard and put the objects on their graves.

These graves are hidden in a hedge maze.

Because that's where you bury orphans who met tragic ends, right? In a fucking hedge maze that's so difficult to navigate that it'll give you ulcers? Oh, and there's a monster who looks like a cross between a plague doctor and a spider running around called The Huntsman. I encountered him twice, and both times he had his back turned toward me. He happened to take the same path I was traveling, so I just followed him. He never bothered me. I eventually gave up trying to take the fourth item into the maze because I don't have time to play boring, drawn out, flaccid horror games. Abasralsa and Antihorror may have been junk, but at least they maintained enough of a steady pace that I could actually complete them without lapsing into a coma.

MagiCat (Switch)
Oh, cool, a platformer that's a lot like old school Mario. Wait, this is close to sixty levels long. And the levels are boring unless you actually go out of your way to collect the special items. Okay, I'll admit, it's actually decent. It's just frustrating and a bit drawn out, especially when some of the special gems only give you one shot to grab them, forcing you to respawn at the checkpoint if you fail to do so.

Untitled Goose Game (Switch)
Played to completion. Loved it.

Virgo Versus the Zodiac (PC)
An indie turn-based RPG that's actually quite good. It plays a bit like Supe Mario RPG or Paper Mario, utilizing timed button presses to increase damage output or boost your defense. As for progress, I finished it and restarted. I haven't gotten far into my second playthrough, but I'm only going to pick at it for a short while rather than make a full blown project of it. I have other games to play.

Superhot (PC)
I played through it in something like two or three sessions and really liked it. It's basically Hotline Miami, except first-person and with low key tech horror elements.

Titan Souls (PC)
Played this one through in a couple of sittings, too. Great concept, but the learning curve is the pits. It's basically a boss rush-ish game, similar to Shadow of the Colossus, only 2D. The main difference is that each boss has a shining weak point, and you only need to hit that part of their body once to kill them. Good luck actually hitting it, though...

Doom & Destiny (PC)
Another indie turn-based RPG that parodies old school roleplaying games. It tries to be funny, but it's just kinda... eh...? I dunno, I'm a weird one when it comes to comedy. I don't like any one particular style or type of humor, and whether or not I'll like a particular piece is pretty random. This one, so far, isn't hitting the mark with me. It's still a decent RPG, though, so I'll give it that.

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