Game Progress 12/2
December 02, 2019

Random thought: I'd really like to scratch another RPG franchise off my backlog. Suikoden, Wild Arms and Geneforge are all great candidates, especially since I don't need to replay the first two Geneforge games and I can just jump into the third one. We'll see, though...

Dark Devotion (PS4)
Finished it. Man, the final boss was some old bullshit. You basically had to get lucky to beat this guy, because he occasionally uses an lunge attack that he can spam. "Can," meaning he doesn't always spam it, and sometimes you can get a lucky break where you slap him around before he tries anything cheap (see also: the run where I defeated him). Funny thing the last few bosses leading up to him arepushovers, especially the one before him.

GunValkyrie (Xbox)
I'm not digging this one so far. It's an arcade-y third-person shooter where you blast giant bugs in simple stages. The two levels I've played proved to be generic at best, drawn out at worst. Plus, you can't strafe, so its clumsy on top of dull. I'm still going to try to push through this one, but there's no telling if I'll actually make it.

The Wanderer: Frankenstein's Creature (PC)
Finished it twice. It's a delightful game that puts story over mechanics, and isn't especially challenging. However, it's a compelling look at Frankenstein's monster, albeit a sad one.

Life of Black Tiger (PS4)
Next up in the category of "I play and review stuff so you don't have to" comes.... this... thing... I guess it was a mobile app they published on PS4, except they bumped the price up to $9.99 without actually improving the game any, and it shows. It looks like a PS2 game, features a bit of antiquated gameplay and is just all around awful. I finished it, of course, so I was at least able to turn my brain off long enough to endure its worst segments.

State of Decay (PC)
We'll see how long I stick with this one. It's good, but I have so much more on my plate that this will probably fall by the wayside. Just to catch you up, it's an open world (ish?) zombie survival game, where you search for survivors during an apocalypse.

Deep Ones (PC)
A game I bought so I could eventually review. It's a 2D platformer that harks back to ZX Spectrum. It's not bad, from what little I've played, but one thing that really irked me so far is that Steam for whatever reason downloaded its demo instead of the full title, and I spent close to an hour figuring out how to download the official version.

Nox (PC)
A Diablo clone from back in the day, but one that didn't age well. This is not to say that it's bad or anything; it's just generic and very linear. Plus, a lot of the features that make hack 'n slash titles a blast are missing, which adds to the challenge factor, but also needlessly frustrates you. For instance, you can't warp back to the nearest town if your equipment is about to break. You either need to switch it out or let it fall apart. Expect a review in the future.

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