Game Progress 11/5/19
November 05, 2019

Let me tell you something: going from Cat Quest II to Dark Devotion is a pretty jarring transition. I went from puppies and kitties to grimdark side-scroller.

Castle in the Darkness (PC)
Beaten. Final verdict: I don't like it. It's weird because I love Metroidvanias and dig Meat Boy-ish obstacle course platformers, but putting the two together was not very welcoming.

The Interview (PC)
Five minute experimental horror game where you answer questions, and then the game explicitly tells you the ending. Weak!

Larva Mortus (PC)
A mix of top-down arena shooter and roguelike that's as repetitive as it sounds. Did you know that I never finished this game, though I did review it for RoG? Well, that changed. I went into it thinking I was too harsh on it in my review. After actually finishing the game, I can say confidently that I wasn't harsh enough. I actually like it less now than I did before, and I didn't even like it before...

Dead Horde (PC)
I restarted this game, with the same thought process that convinced me to replaying Larva Mortus. I think this might be the same situation, where I wasn't hard enough on the game in the first place (I reviewed this one for RoG at one time, too). I cleared the first stage and already regret re-downloading it.

Cat Quest II (PC)
The first of my four review assignments (one of which is one I set for myself), and obvi a sequel to the indie RPG. Whatever you felt about the first one is more or less how you're going to feel about the second one. If you're not looking for a breezy, undemanding RPG with cute trappings, then you should probably stay clear of this one. I finished it, and even managed to nab all of the achievements. The first draft for my review is also done, so I'm one step closer to achieving that goal.

Dark Devotion (PS4)
Imagine if Abyss Odyssey and Dark Souls had a child that was potentially the Antichrist. That's DD in a nutshell. Calling it a hard game would be an understatement. It's a bit awkward and tough to get into, but kind of enjoyable once you've acclimated. It's also got some odd nuances that I'm not sure I like much. For one thing, despite it being a side-scroller, you can't jump. You also can't backtrack when you're dungeon delving, so if you advance to a new room, you're stuck there until you die or warp back to the hub (or advance). You don't level up stats with souls/experience, though experience can net you some perks. In order to permanently boost stats, you need to locate and activate tablets found throughout the dungeons. I've only gotten about three or four of them.

It seems the main goal is to hunt down and execute some bosses, and so far I've managed to kill two of them (not counting the tutorial boss). I too out both Hezek the Baptized and The Executioner, and I only barely killed the latter of those two. We were both down to our final blows, but I lucked out. I was able to get behind him while he pulled off a power move that left him vulnerable, and that was the end of that mess.

The Wanderer: Frankenstein's Creature (PC)
I started it, but didn't get far. It's a pretty artsy game, so here's hoping it's not too fartsy as well.

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