Game Progress 9/19
September 19, 2019

Phantasy Star IV (GEN)
Done. Man, this was a great game. Its combat system popped, it featured a really cool story, and its difficulty rating was very well balanced. I did kind of feel that the last few challenges, especially the final boss, weren't really that tough, though. Like, I walked all over the Profound Darkness.

Alicemare (PC)
I played through this one pretty much in a single sitting. It's a pretty decent adventure game that uses (if I'm not mistaken) RPG Maker. I have a review for this one, but you won't see it until October... Mwahahaha...

Doorways: Prelude (PC)
Blasted through this one in a single sitting. It's a first-person horror adventure where you play an investigator who can enter people's minds, or something to that effect. He's after four notorious murderers, and you'll find them in the game's four chapters (split into three separate episodes). This was episode one, which consisted of the first two chapters. For the most part, it's a run of the mill horror walking simulator--or scary walk, as I call it.

Doorways: The Underworld (PC)
Episode two, and also finished. This one was way better and much scarier than its predecessor. My only qualm is that there's a little too much item fetching.

Doorways: Old Prototype (PC)
This was just a couple of levels that were supposed to be used in the first version of Prelude. There's no plot here, and you don't need to play this one. It's kind of cool, though, because you get to see the earlier concept the devs had for this game, plus you can pick up some notes that tell you a little about its development cycle. I finished this as well.

Autumn Dream (PC)
I played through this really bad horror game in one sitting. Despite calling it "really bad," it's actually better than the other two games I've played from this developer. I really don't want to go into what it's about, but I will point you in the direction of my White Mirror review, because pretty much every game these guys do is exactly the same.

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