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Game Progress 8/6
August 06, 2019

Before I jump into this, I figured I should describe my Steam project flow.

I have up to eight games downloaded at a time, with their icons sitting in a "pool" on my desktop. I go for the next game alphabetically, playing at least one session. I settle then and there upon one of a few choices:

1. Uninstall and play later. Longer projects like RPGs tend to fall into this category. I'm mainly looking for short stuff to pick off.

2. Play the game through in one or two sittings. Walking simulators and short horror games are perfect for this.

3. Put the icon off to the side and play it now and then.

4. Completely abandon the game because a single session with it revealed that it's either beyond awful or completely not my thing. Paradigm Shift and Lucidity were two such games that I found so unbearable that I couldn't possibly bring myself to play them.

Once I have six games collected off to the side, I don't play anymore new games until I've finished one. Lately, I've finished a few shorties:


But I've played some other titles, in addition to non-Steam stuff:

12 is Better than 6 (PC)
I started playing this as part of my Steam project, and decided I would continue playing. It's kind of like Hotline Miami, but set in 19th century Mexico. It's a pretty brutal game that I whittled down over the course of a couple of weeks, until finishing it on Saturday. I don't plan on reviewing it, but my final rating is 3/5. It's not a bad game, but a couple of the levels drag on. On top of that, there are some inconsistent mechanics, plus there's a glitch that pops up now and then that faces your in the opposite direction of your reticle.

3 Stars of Destiny (PC)
I'm not far into this turn-based RPG. I'm still grinding for equipment in the first town.

Antihorror (PC)
After finishing 12 is Better, I started this one and finished it in one sitting. What in blue hell is this? It's like a horror game, but the jump scares are bad jokes. And everything is weird and random. It's like playing through a fever dream.

Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom (GEN)
Finished. I'm not bothering with all of the other scenarios. Honestly, this game is exhausting, and not because it's brutal like its brethren. It's just so tedious. Review first draft written.

Evergrace (PS2)
Replaying for an upcoming. Parts of this game really didn't age well. Though it's really not a great game, it's one I appreciate for a number of reasons. It features a very odd, unique soundtrack that's a lot of fun to listen to, plus some of the Souls mainstays long before Souls as even a thing. However, the camera controls are dated, the combat is pretty bland, and levels are incredibly linear.

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