Invalid characterset or character set not supported Steam Games I've Played: A Section part 2

Steam Games I've Played: A Section part 2
July 21, 2019

A Section cont'd:

Alien Rage Unlimited
A Halo clone that's actually pretty cool. It doesn't accomplish anything new or move the genre forward at all; it's very much just an FPS where you shoot aliens. Sometimes that's all you need.
I'll keep playing this one.

Alien Shooter
Speaking of games where you all you do is shoot aliens... This one reinforces what I said before. Sometimes all you need is dumb shooting. This one is somewhat isometric shooter, where you blast literally hundreds of enemies at a time. You also earn money and spend it on new equipment, so that way you can weather whatever veritable shitstorm of extraterrestrials comes your way. It. Is. Batshit. And oh my god, is this franchise fun, too. Never change, Alien Shooter. Never change.

Alien Shooter 2: Conscription
More of the same, but in a good way. My only reservation, as ever with Sigma Team games, is the jerky camera motion. Plus, I had an issue with the reticle/cursor disappearing during one mission, making it hard to aim. Other than that, this is still the same "making things go boom, making aliens to splat" kind of fun I expect from the franchise.

Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded
A remake of Alien Shooter: Vengeance. Even better than AS1 or Conscription, with loads of action and violence. Recommended for anyone looking for a lot of shooting and explosions without much worry. Just beware the aforementioned jerky camera.

Alien: Isolation
This is going to hurt some feelings, but I find this game completely overrated. You run away from a Xenomorph, sometimes shoot things (including the alien), but mostly spend your time hiding in lockers. You never know when the alien is going to appear, and it's really nerve wracking--which is good. More than anything, though, I find this game tedious because you spend more time hiding than you do actually playing. I had a hard time caring enough to get through the first few levels, let alone maintain enough interest to finish it.
Rage-quit, probably never going back. Not even bothering with the sequel.

Alone in the Dark: Illumination
Left 4 Dead, except AitD and with lots of glitches and crummy balancing. Not at all single player friendly, buggy as all hell, and boring to boot. Enemies overrun you, and you run out of stamina quickly, thereby preventing escape.
Gave up.

Alone KW
Review live
A horror walking simulator where you investigate an abandoned asylum and... I dunno, vague references to scary stuff, then a dumpster materializes out of thin air and you watch the worst twist ending in history unfold. It's a text book example of a bad horror game on Steam.

Yet another first-person horror game where you search a house. This one is pretty run of the mill, but still thousands of miles ahead of most of the shoddy horror games I've played on Steam. It actually has some creepy parts.

A mixture of Slender and Doom. You roam around a set area, hunting for five cursed books while killing or avoiding enemies. Power-ups randomly spawn around you. Every time you find a book, you unleash a new threat (i.e.. a banshee-like witch, a crazed clown, a killer teddy bear or a demonic dryad). After you've found the fifth one, you can end the game by killing the witch. Honestly, this title is pretty bad. Not awful, hot garbage like some of Steam's horror library, but definitely subpar.

Alpha Protocol
An espionage RPG, which translates to third-person shooter with stealth and roleplaying elements, not to mention plot branching and romance options. It's actually a pretty solid, yet cheesy (in a good way) game. It's almost like a playable blockbuster. I went through it a few years ago, and enjoyed it quite a bit.

Amazing Princess Sarah
I played this one briefly, and I only know that it's an action-y platformer. It wasn't bad based on the little that I played, and I can see myself eventually going through it.
I'll play it later.

Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs
Review live
A sequel of sorts to Amnesia: The Dark Descent. It's not nearly as good, though. Don't get me wrong; it's not awful, but its stealth segments feel forced and its late-game segments come off as terribly staged. The end result, as I said in my review, is you feel divorced from the experience.

Amnesia: Memories
This is not related to the horror games by Frictional, but is an anime-style visual novel. I also didn't intend to buy this game, as it came in a bundle. I played enough of it to get the gist: a spirit of some kind has crashed into your mind and caused you to lose all of your memories, and the two of you work together to recover them. I know there's a whole lot more to the story than that (I entered a world where a guy kissed the protagonist, so possibly he's her boyfriend or something else...). It seems decent, but it's not what I'm interested in playing right now.
Maybe play later. I'm not big on visual novels, so we'll see...

Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Review live
A creepy as hell first-person horror game where you explore an old castle while dodging monsters and trying not to literally go insane. It's a pretty tense game with loads of good scares, a great story and decent puzzles.

Review live
A horror game that can't decide if it wants to be a walking simulator or a shooter. You start out in a mansion, searching for a criminal suspect. Something in the mansion knocks you out, and sends you on a journey through multiple worlds with a variety of themes. It's almost like someone took a ton of premade assets and clumsily fused them together to make a full game. Some levels involve merely walking around and avoiding hazards, while others require you to shoot your way to the exit. A couple of scenes are enjoyable, but the game is pretty much an unstable collection of random levels.

Among the Sleep
A first-person horror game with actual production values, where you play as a toddler apparently escaping monsters while grasping your precious teddy. I've only gotten a short ways into this, but I'm hooked. Not a surprise, given the genres I tend to run with...
Will play to completion.

A sci-fi RPG that had major production values for its time, but looks terrible by today's standards. What little I played seems cool, although its visuals are hard to look at. Everyone is incredibly blocky; like a pre-PS2 game, but with better textures. Combat is pretty straightforward turn-based stuff. I haven't gotten far into it, as I mainly wanted to check it out rather than make a project out of it.
I'll go through it eventually.

A 2D platformer with perma-death and unlockable classes. I didn't enjoy this one much. I found it mediocre, and only those two features really help it stand out. It's also not very long. You can complete the campaign in something like ten minutes if you know what you're doing. Of course, the game isn't that easy, so you'll probably end up playing for a while. I never made it, as I got bored and moved on. I only plugged 40ish minutes into it, but even that small amount burned me out.
I've had my fill.

Anima: Gate of Memories
An action game with RPG elements. It plays a bit like Devil May Cry, from what I remember. One thing I also recall: the voice acting is terrible. It still seemed decent enough. Better, even, than the other Anima game on Wii, Arc of Sinners.
Will play another time.

Anna: Extended Edition
Review live
A horror adventure game where you collect event items and solve puzzles in a cottage, in an attempt to find the protagonist's obsession, Anna. Plenty of surprises crop up, not to mention references to cults, witchcraft and forbidden love. It's a good, scary game, though it is a tad buggy.

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overdrive overdrive - July 22, 2019 (11:31 AM)
Alpha Protocol is one of many parts of my backlog and kind of has been that game that winds up in that "i'd like to play this one, but I'd rather play this one NOW" role where I'll likely get to it eventually.

I'm pretty sure I played and reviewed Amazing Princess Sarah and it was a fun game that gets pretty damn hard fairly soon into the game. One of those game that I played and enjoyed, but didn't leave a huge impression. Like a quality "disposable entertainment" sort of game.

Looks like you've got a decent long-term blog project to list off all these games. Like, to the degree where if other letters are like "A", you'll still be working on this list going into next year. And then possibly be doing a revisit to catch up on new games added and progress made in the older ones.
honestgamer honestgamer - July 28, 2019 (08:02 PM)
You play a lot of games, if the other letters are anything like A has been! Typically, A-D are pretty heavy, and M, N, S and T. But it looks like you're still going to go through probably more than 1000 Steam games if things persist. I need to sit down and play more of the games I've bought for various Nintendo platforms, because you're putting me to shame! ;-)
Masters Masters - August 30, 2019 (10:54 AM)
I also found Alien: Isolation overrated. I totally didn't get what all the fuss was about. Played it a bit and moved on. Illumination I got as a 'gift' from Gary. Looks like shite.

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