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Steam Games I've Played: The Number Section (plus impressions)
July 07, 2019

I have a ton of Steam games. Like, more than I'll finish in my life time. At least I can give them all a one-time whirl, though, right? Well, I'm going to try. Moving alphabetically, here's what I've gotten through so far (with impressions and links to my old reviews.

10 Second Ninja
Arcade-style platformer with graded performances and gating. Not my cup of tea, as I can't stand gating. This time around, though, it's not as bad as in Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams or Action Henk.
May play again.

Review live
A blend of dungeon crawler and match-3 puzzler, a la Puzzle Quest. Addictive at first, but gets tedious after a while. On top of that, it offers minimal assets (e.g. only two different BGMs in dungeon, repetitive backgrounds, etc).
Almost completed, don't know if I will.

12 is Better than 6
Stylish top-down action title similar to Hotline Miami. Takes place in Mexico. Seems decent so far. I'll probably play it to completion.
Will complete.

1953 KGB Unleashed
Point-and-click adventure title with light horror elements. Requires some pretty hefty thinking for most scenes, but also has a few with solutions you wouldn't think to try. Not entirely entertaining, and only one part is really scary.

1954 Alcatraz
I only tried it once and it was glitchy to the point that I couldn't progress beyond the beginning scene. I may try it again, despite having read EmP's disappointment regarding this one.
May try again.

A true-blue roguelike that's, well, too true-blue. It's got perma-death and no standout features, so it's kind of homogeneous and unrewarding.
Not going to bother.

Review live
A horror/first-person shooter with unlimited ammo that lasts roughly 20 minutes. It feels like something someone whipped together to sucker small amounts of cash out of undiscerning consumers like myself (I pretty much buy any horror game, regardless of how poorly it rates).

3 Stars of Destiny
Turn-based RPG made with RPG Maker. I haven't played much of it, but it seems charming so far. Not great, mind, but cute.
Will complete.

Started it, found it confusing because it has unnecessary survival and crafting elements, uninstalled it. I may go back one day.

8-Bit Commando
Indie Contra knockoff that's got a pretty cheap difficulty rating. I didn't finish it because it becomes overwhelming near the end of the campaign, and I just don't have the patience for that these days.
I got far enough.

Review live
A Super Mario Bros. clone that starts out really cool, but loses momentum and becomes repetitive.
Completed the campaign, not going to bother getting all of the special coins.

A very brief walking simulator that revolves around those who lost their lives to a fairly recent tsunami that hit Japan. It's a very sad, touching game that doesn't even take half an hour to get through.

99 Levels to Hell
Review live
A roguelite blend of Bubble Bobble and Metal Slug. It's a tough title, but fairly fun one.
I made it to the final boss at one point, but I'm not sure I'll try to completely finish it. I have so many other things to play, and I feel like I've done as much as I want to do with this one.

A Section coming soon...

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Masters Masters - July 08, 2019 (01:22 PM)
Wow, this looks VERY familiar. Mind you, this takes my rundown to a whole other level by alphabetizing it, with the hopes of capturing your entire library -- I just covered everything I'd been playing in the previous month or two.

Still, I see a disturbing trend continue here: gamers buy WAY too many Steam games, and of the freaking flood of stuff, very little of true memorable value rises to the top. I ("only," I guess?) have 300 games on Steam. Probably 5 were truly great experiences. A bunch of "fleetingly good" games after that, a bunch of horrendous shovelware, and a shit-tonne of "meh" as you put it.

"But who can pass up a sale!" we say. "This looks like shite, but it was $70, and now it's $2! That's only EIGHT QUARTERS!"

To your list... I always wanted to get 8BitBoy despite the fact that it looks like a mobile phone clone of Mario. And I did play the 8-Bit Commando demo and found it severely wanting. You definitely are less jaded than I am. or have a substantially greater threshold for gaming mediocrity. Or both. Also, I have 10 Second Ninja too. I agree with your take fully.
JoeTheDestroyer JoeTheDestroyer - July 10, 2019 (12:23 AM)
I got caught in a cycle of putting things on my wishlist and buying the hell out of everything cheap during sales, plus frequenting Humble Bundle. I've gotten a lot of games in bundles, actually.

I also had numerous genre phases, where I added almost anything that bore a certain tag: roguelike, horror (still doing that one, because I actually like writing about horror games good and bad), platformer, Metroidvania, etc. I ended up with a lot of games that way.

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