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Short break
November 14, 2018

I'm going to be taking a short break from reviewing. By short, I don't mean any more than a month or so. You see, about two months ago, one of my cats ran away from home. My older son left his window open. She used to leap up there to look outside, but must not have realized there was no pane there to stop her. My guess is she fell out and panicked, then became a resident of my neighbor's crowded property. As far as I could tell, she was living under things in his backyard for a while, and she wouldn't come back to us. He kept her well fed for a while, anyway. She was a strictly indoor cat, so her ability to survive outside was probably not terribly up to scratch (no pun intended), and eventually she stopped finding food...

A week ago, she came back and I grabbed her. I only accomplished this because she was literally starving to death in my backyard. I brought her in, took her to the vet and they gave her medication and food. She not only hasn't eaten any of it on her own, but won't eat at all. The vet said it's because she's starving, and starvation can cause an illness called hepatic lipidosis. This causes the cat's body to break down her fat and muscle tissue down, which all gets sent to the liver. The presence of fat in the liver makes her too ill and nauseated to eat, even though eating is the way to cure the illness.

We opted to have a feeding tube put in her. She did okay at first, but soon started throwing up. They gave us nausea medication, but she still occasionally throws up. She isn't taking in enough calories. Monday, they told us she was gaining weight, and we thought she would be on the mend. She even kept down all of the food we gave her that day. Then yesterday, she threw up after three feedings. They advised us to cut down on the amount we're feeding and her water intake, as she is smaller than the average cat.

I don't know if cutting the amount down will help, but I hope it does. I hope she accepts all the food and water I give her, and she gets back up to her original weight. If she doesn't, then we may have to say goodbye to her. She's only eight years old, and I hope we get at least few more years out of her.

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Masters Masters - November 14, 2018 (08:14 AM)
That sucks dude. I love cats -- we had our family cat for 20 years before we had to put him down due to failing health. I hope she comes around.
overdrive overdrive - November 14, 2018 (08:27 AM)
Hopefully that turns out well for you, since going through this has to suck. I lost my cat due to, I guess, just wearing out earlier this year and that was tough to go through, so I hope you do get a few more years with yours.
honestgamer honestgamer - November 14, 2018 (10:02 AM)
When I was a kid, our Doberman got an illness common to the breed, and we spent an expensive few weeks trying to help her snap out of it. It was a truly challenging time for our family that didn't end as well as we hoped it would, despite promising stops along the way. I hope your own family's experience with that goes better and you do get to enjoy more happy years with your cat as a reward for the love you clearly feel for her.

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