Game Progress 7/30/17
July 30, 2017

Pokemon Go (Android)
Legendaries are out! For now, only Articuno and Lugia are available as raid bosses (although the former is going away soon). My wife and I tried our hand at Articuno and got our asses savagely handed to us. Though there were other players in the area, none of them joined us. Sad day.

Transistor (PC)
I finally started this game. I will admit that I was confused in the beginning. You start en medias res, so you have no idea what's going on. The game urges you forward and you're like, "Wait, I want to know-" "No! Shut up! Go! Fight!" Somewhere between puzzling out the story and setting and trying to figure out the game's mechanics, I had a blast. I didn't realize that the game utilized a turn-based battle system. I feel like I've seen one like it before, but I can't place where just now.

Anyway, so far I destroyed a whole bunch of Process (what the game calls enemies), rode a motorcycle into a different part of town and entered a theater. After that, there was a somewhat illuminating flashback and it looks like the next segment, where I left off, transpires inside my mind.

Metamorfose S (PC)
Stomped my way on through this title and made short work of the final boss. After that, there was only one tedious action left to accomplish, which I did quickly. My review is live now.

Dragon Age: Origins (PS3)
I pushed past the first major event, where I had to say goodbye to Duncan. Another sad day. Afterward, I recruited Morrigan and traveled to Lothering. On the way there, the dog that I had nursed back to health found me. Behind him was an army of foes, so we all banded together and took them out. I named the dog Iggy, after my friend's goofy rottweiler.

After reaching Lothering, I encountered some bandits. They tried to shake me down for twenty silver and I told them to get bent because I am a Grey Warden. They then silently shat themselves. I also asked for a monetary donation and they obliged me. Then I attacked them anyway and sent them running to the hills.

I forgot that I had a steal ability, being a rogue and all, so I decided to try it out and pilfered from everyone I could. I had to use stealth in tandem with it, but nonetheless you could say I made out like a bandit. While in Lothering, I defeated a group of Loghain's men and recruited Leilana. From there, I ventured all over the town initiated quests and killing whatever attacked me: bandits, giant spiders, mercs and even some darkspawn. I also polished off a few other quests and recruiting Steg, a murderer trapped in a cage who doesn't regret his actions but seeks atonement (riiiiight).

Currently, I'm at the beginning of the Soldier's Peak DLC quest.


Nothing else to report, except that I picked up a crapload of The Punisher comics and I plan to tear through them in the near future. Also, I started reading the Richard Laymon novel "The Woods Are Dark," and it's a damn fine piece of horror lit. It might even outshine my favorite Laymon novel, The Midnight Tour.

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