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Thus ends The Bard's Tale...
April 02, 2017

I finally finished the 2004 remake of The Bard's Tale. Let me tell you, there's no greater feeling than crossing a terrible RPG off your backlog. I'll admit that the game is occasionally chuckle-worthy, but its dumb comedy and lackluster content aren't enough to keep the experience interesting. I would rant at length, but I've just written a review for it. You can read my anger then.

There was one scene where the game did make me laugh out loud, during the final boss encounter. (Obviously, SPOILER from here). If you expose the princess as the actual villain, she'll change into her true demonic form, which is kind of goat-like. The Bard says something like, "Is it bad that I still think she's hot?" I mean, I wasn't doubled over laughing, but I actually ha-ha'ed instead of snicked or huh'ed.

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CasydieAnne CasydieAnne - April 03, 2017 (05:46 PM)
Because God Is Great. Beautiful game:)

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