Game Progress 3/21/17
March 21, 2017

Trine: Enchanted Edition (PC)
Powered through and finally finished this one. This was one of the first Steam games I purchased, about seven years ago.

Teslagrad (PS4)
Defeated a very frustrating third boss, then moved on to a group of puzzles involving a huge orb similar to a hamster ball. I completed that segment and then entered a new area that I haven't had time to examine. I hope to review this one when I'm finished.

Gone Home: Console Edition (PS4)
Restarted and played through the whole thing in one sitting. Good story. Don't expect a review out of me, though.

Hungry Shark World (Android)
I picked this game back up. I maxed out the giant hammerhead's stats, though I'm only two shy of maxing his levels. Right now, I'm farming coins as much as possible so I can purchase the tiger shark, and then hopefully move on to XXL sharks. It's really bugging me that there are certain creatures I can't eat because I'm not large enough. That and I almost can't wait to have a megalodon.

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KennedyEthan KennedyEthan - March 23, 2017 (06:08 PM)
Hi!! im Kennedy Ethan Smith. Actually im First time here the series was nice and One day I'll have to properly play through this series and see what it's all about.
CasydieAnne CasydieAnne - March 26, 2017 (07:45 PM)
Hello Im Casydie Anne Smith:) Like him Im Newby here and Hope soon i Understand more what is that game all about:)

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