Game Progress 1/2/17
January 02, 2017

Pokemon Go (Android)
I finally amassed enough Magikarp candies to evolve it into Gyarados. It was a glorious day! Also, there's a New Year's event taking place that allowed me to nab the other two third evolution starters I needed: Charizard and Venusaur. In the case of the former I earned enough Charmander candies to evolve, and the latter appeared on a side street in downtown Spokane. My only other acquisition this week was getting a Magby out of a 10 km egg. Whew.

Bulu Monster (Android)
I think I'm pretty much done with this game. It's boring and overly grindy, as expected.

Alone in the Dark 3 (PC)
I just completed the segment where you play as a puma, which was pretty neat. The rest of the game has been dull, offering too few scares and less charm than the previous two titles.

There Was a Caveman (PC)
I forgot to mention this during my previous progress post. I started it and completed the first stage. It's not a bad little platformer, but it's nothing special thus far. It plays like the NES Flintstones games, which were like Castlevania with slippery mechanics. The only difference is Caveman's control response is a little tighter, though its jump mechanism is a bit strange.

Arc Rise Fantasia (Wii)
Defeated the first boss and ducked into a dungeon called Dragon Prison. One of my character suggested, in all her wooden voice acting glory, that we meet with the dragon imprisoned there. That sounds like a novel idea.

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius (Android)
Defeated one of the Sworn Six, but didn't kill him. Boo! After that battle, I gained access to the third continent, where I've been battling zombies like crazy. It's almost like the game wants to go into horror terrain, giving the area a side story that it was once inhabited by miners (IIRC), but became a ghost colony overrun with the undead because the world economy no longer required said miners. Where the zombies come into this is a mystery. Can you imagine a shift in innovation or economy resulting in zombies? As if the undead are now going to start pouring out of the video stores killed off by Netflix and Hulu.

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