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Game Progress 3/1
March 01, 2016

I've put Clicker Heroes on hold. I'm gearing up for another ascension soon, but I've found another simple game that has caught my attention, which I'll be playing between sessions and such...

Yeah, it's Devil Daggers. $5 for a single arena and tons of enemies coming at you, and the objective is to survive for as long as possible. My current record is a mere 70 seconds. Regardless, I really enjoy this face-breaker. It's a grueling cross between coin-op score-attacking and id Software's shooters from the '90s. Think of it as Robotron meets Quake. It's crazy how quickly creatures fill the arena and new threats force you to change your strategies. One second, you're dealing with a bunch of tentacled trees (which sound like they're saying "hotdog tree" when they spawn) that belch out flying skulls, the next you're tangling with a huge gem-stealing spider with a skeletal face on its back.

Although I've had trouble accomplishing this, you can upgrade your shots by nabbing those aforementioned gems. It's necessary, too. Grabbing ten gives you an extra finger, allowing you to throw daggers in more rapid succession and deal greater shotgun-like blasts. Judging by others' replays (which you can watch), you eventually get a 4th finger for far improved shots and eventually homing daggers.

I think I mentioned before that I started playing Electronic Super Joy. It's a short 2D platformer that's basically Super Meat Boy with a better soundtrack and trippy background visuals. Not that I'm complaining... Both have very odd, juvenile premises (again, not compaining): the main campaign sends you off to retake your severed ass from the wizard who stole it, and the other has you avenging your dog, whom the villain Micro-Satan farted on. Yeah, one of those campaigns involves getting revenge on the antagonist because he broke wind on your pet. It only took me 4 hours to get through the two campaigns, but that's the minimum I usually ask for with such titles. I could go through the extra content, but you have to unlock that by collecting stars and I just don't care to do that right now. I can now scratch that one off my backlog with the main stuff done.

I got only a littler farther along in Child of Light before having end my brief session. Recently, I entered chapter 5 and recruited my sister. She doesn't seem to be particularly amazing, though. The first time I used her, I had to put her away because the enemies critically injured her. To be fair, though, the foes have been wrecking my characters quite a bit of late, and I think its time to restructure my gems.

I also started Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, a game that came out the one summer that indie titles had a bit of an explosion. I didn't get a chance then to try it out, and now I'm alleviating that situation. It's a Metroidvania, except it's a shooter of sorts rather than a platformer. So far, I've gotten through the introductory stage and have made it to the titular planet. We'll see if it can hold my interest from there...

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Hey look at this guy over here

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Hey look at this guy over here

Suskie Suskie - March 03, 2016 (03:56 AM)
Huh, guess I can't delete stuff?
JoeTheDestroyer JoeTheDestroyer - March 03, 2016 (09:44 AM)
I could've sworn there was a delete option.

Hey, I was shocked I actually got that score. I thought I would never break the 81 second run I had. I do have to credit you, though, since watching your record run and a few others taught me a lot about the game (especially leading the skulls and watching your six without totally running backwards all the time--except I still falter there).

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