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Legacy of the Wizard progress
February 22, 2016

I've breached Zone 600 in Clicker Heroes, so that's another milestone down. The last hero I leveled was Betty Clicker, bringing her to 2000. Dread Knight still gets a little love occasionally, but she's only up to level 650 or so. It's been a pain leveling her. I've debated pumping more money into Atlas, but as it is I've already got all of his skills paid for and that's good enough for now.

Anyway, Legacy of the Wizard.... So I've unraveled what the objective of this game is, and it's pretty odd. If you've played the game, you may have noticed a huge, stationary dragon. This guy is the antagonist, and he's imprisoned within a portrait. You have to kill him using the Dragon Slayer (which can only be used by the son), which is a special sword located somewhere in the game's convoluted design. However, you can't even touch the sword until you've nabbed all four crowns, each of which must be grabbed by four of the five family members (the father, the mother, the daughter, and the pet).

Here's where it gets tricky: all of the four "crown-grabbers" have a piece of the maze dedicated to them in particular, and there's no clear indication where their special stage begins. You have to wander and guess for the most part, although it is nice that they've basically sealed those stages off so that other characters cannot enter them, with the exception of the pet's (Pochi) stage. For instance, the daughter's special ability is that she can jump higher and farther than her kin. Of course, her level is sealed by an out of reach ladder that only she can access. The father is also the only one who can move boulders, and his stage is blocked by a boulder. Go figure...

On top of all of that, there are special pieces of equipment needed to advance as well, so the game is a full-blown (albeit horribly confusing) "Metroidvania" title. The problem is that you would never know any of these items existed without the manual, although you can see them in your inventory.

As of right now, I'm making my way through the father's (Xemn) stage. I played as Pochi, obtained the glove (allows you to move certain blocks with Xemn), grabbed the boxing glove (optional; increases strength when equipped), and the armor (also optional and not very useful; grants partial immunity, but slowly depletes your MP), then found the crown and killed the first boss, which was a giant spider.

As Xemn, I've found the hit rod (used by the mother, not sure what it does) and the shoes that allow you to kill opponents by jumping on them, which conserves your MP since you no longer have to shoot them. I've never been this far into the game, so I have no idea how I'm going to grab the crown. I had use a walkthrough just to understand how the game is broken down, but now that that's out of the way, I should be okay. Sadly, the game hides a lot of necessary routes behind secret walls, which is a really cheap way to pad out the game's length. Just to get to Pochi's crown, I had to jump through a ceiling, make sure I had at least four keys before doing so to deal with the locked doors and to unlock the chest holding the crown, jump through another ceiling later on, and then push my way through a crammed chamber full of false bricks, trying to figure out which ones disappear so I can ultimately grab the treasure.

Hopefully, I'll get through this game timely enough. I found a speedrun on YouTube where someone beat it in 28 minutes, so it can't be that tough, right?

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honestgamer honestgamer - February 22, 2016 (12:19 PM)
Regarding Clicker Heroes: Are you ascending and investing hero souls in ancients and leveling them up and such? Because that's a huge part of the game. Of course, early game dynamics have changed a TON since I played through the areas you're exploring. Mercenaries generate a bunch of souls as you level up. Imagine trying to get a foothold without mercenaries and clans and even the special icons that pop up sometimes. That was how my early game went, because those things didn't exist. I bet that in a few weeks, you've blown through stuff that took me several months of devoted play. I'm not saying that's bad, mind you. Those were game improvements that have to have made the experience more accessible.
sashanan sashanan - February 23, 2016 (02:10 AM)
Cleared zone 1200 by now, but approaching 1100 and beyond my killing by idle DPS slows to a crawl and I basically only advance levels by activating all my skills. From 1200 on, even that barely works anymore and I ascend once again. For leveling heroes, I play no favorites - all go to lvl 200 initially and I buy all the skills with one click of the button (this is the opening phase of each ascension and it takes at best half an hour, now), then everybody gets leveled as far as my money lets me, again and again. Sometimes it's the Dread Knight doing the bulk of the damage, sometimes it's Amenhotep, sometimes it's the Beastlord. It varies with whoever just hit a major damage milestone.

My latest distraction is that I joined a clan and get to contribute three 30-second clicking sessions to a daily monster, which if we can beat it lends plenty of hero souls, and if not goes down a level so we stand a better chance the next day. Seeing the kind of damage some of the higher level players can dish out is humbling, but such are incremental games.
JoeTheDestroyer JoeTheDestroyer - February 23, 2016 (01:39 PM)
I held off on my second ascension so I could amass a good number of hero souls. I finally did my second ascension last night and walked away with over 2000 of them, which I've pumped into my ancients. I'll probably be doing that for a while. Needless to say, with all the ancient boosting and guilding, I've been blowing through the early zones like mad.

I haven't bumped into that yet. I usually boost to level 1000 after a while, just to get the 10x damage bonus, as that seems to help before getting Dread Knight. Of course, I've thrown a fair number of levels into an ancient that provides more cash per coin when idle, so money isn't as much of a problem now, and I therefore probably won't need the 10x boosters in the future before reaching Dread Knight and onward.
Never3ndr Never3ndr - February 24, 2016 (03:40 PM)
I think that it works out to faster progression (in the long run due to higher hero soul generation) if you ascend relatively regularly. Personally, I try to ascend once every day-ish (just depends on my schedule and when I check into the game). I'd also recommend keeping a sizable amount of hero souls in the bank, since they offer a hard dps increase by being in the bank.

Interesting hearing about Legacy of the Wizard...I just remember it being a big confusing maze with some neat characters.
honestgamer honestgamer - February 25, 2016 (01:47 PM)
I am the only person in the HonestGamers clan. So every few days, I remember to do a raid and get between 135,000 and 270,000 souls as a reward. The amount of damage you deal actually depends on how many souls you've obtained over the course of the game, and that is then multiplied based on the level of the raid, so it can add up to a lot if you're in with someone who is killing level-45 boss monsters. Me, I'm killing guys on level 25 or so. If anyone wants to join my clan, just look for it as "HonestGamers" and request that I add you. Don't do it if you're already in a powerful clan that is giving you great rewards, but otherwise, you might enjoy being in mine. Let me know if you do submit a request, because otherwise I don't get notifications and might not think to check.
sashanan sashanan - February 27, 2016 (11:20 PM)
I do believe I'll defect to my current clan (the best and most active have left and I certainly can't beat lvl 23, that we've sunk to, on my own). Honestgamers it is!
sashanan sashanan - February 27, 2016 (11:21 PM)
HonestGamers, that is. Case sensitive, I notice. Request sent.

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