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Pet peeve
January 06, 2012

The last few games I've played--Folklore, Lost Planet, and White Knight Chronicles--all have one annoying thing in common: falling down.

I'm not sure why developers choose to do this, but I've played many action titles where enemies constantly knock your characters off his feet. You'd think he'd leap back up or rise quickly so the pace doesn't drop, but nooooooo... He has to lay there for eons pondering the meaning of life, then slowly collect himelf, and finally make an agonizing ascent to his feet. Two seconds later, you're back on the ground and the process begins anew. Some games are even so cheap as to repeat this process until you expire.

What does this add to a game? Why do developers insist upon using it? Sure, this doesn't damn a game's overall rating, but it can make a less-than-impressive title quite painful. It doesn't add to the challenge factor, it doesn't add realism. It doesn't add anything. So I'm left wondering: why?

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jerec jerec - January 06, 2012 (07:26 PM)
Why do we fall sir? So we might learn to pick ourselves up

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