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Hoard on PSP and Steam
January 18, 2015

I just reviewed the PS3 version of Hoard, and I wanted to use this space to note the differences between that version and the PSP and Steam versions.

First, the PSP version. Unfortunately, it was released years before cross buy was a thing, so you'll have to pay full price for the title even if you already own the console version. Also, there is no multiplayer support whatsoever, so a major element of the game is missing. Additionally, I experienced multiple save file corruptions that lost my progress through the challenges. That isn't really a huge deal, the challenges can be tackled in any order and don't unlock anything.

On the plus side, it works well on the Vita and has all of the console version's single player content. If you're absolutely addicted, it can be fun to pull out your portable for a quick ten minute round.

Now, the Steam version. For some unfathomable reason, the lighthearted, fun soundtrack of the PS3 and PSP versions was replaced by a dull military drum beat in some update. If you ever had any doubts about the impact of a game's soundtrack try playing Hoard this way after enjoying the console version. Luckily, there is a fix. You need to replace the musiclogic.nut file in Hoard's encrypted data folder under steamapps. You can find detailed instructions on this process, and download links to the new (old, actually) musiclogic.nut here. This process only takes a couple minutes and you should really do it immediately after buying the Steam version. Trust me.

This version also suffers from an issue in Windows in which it does not function correctly if you have changed the icon size in your PC settings. This issue is pops up in emulators and other amateur projects sometimes, but it is strange to see in a professional product.

Some DLC is available, including exploding treasure carts that can be quite fun. Mostly, however, the DLC is cosmetic, with winter and desert themed tilesets and a new night mode. Check the screens below!

The Steam version ususally goes for a few bucks during the big annual sales. It's definitely worth picking up, especially if you don't have a PS3. However, the lack of local multiplayer and the above issues are why I still consider the console title the definitive version.


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