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Here's a game I like to play in college...
August 25, 2008

It's called "Spot the Foreigner" since I find international people interesting. They let you see a glimpse into their own culture, and I find that very valuable. Besides, I find other people and cultures fascinating. Dunno why. Guess I get tired of our culture all the time or something.

Anyway, last year at school, I met maybe three foreigners my whole time there (not counting my professors, of which there were two). 2 Russian women, and an Irishman. I also had a Spanish linguistics profssor and a Polish International Studies one.

This year, however, I've met/seen around three people in one day.

One of my roommates hails from Egypt and she's going back at the end of the semester. She's pretty cool.

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I'm going to tell you all a secret...
July 26, 2008

To those of you who remember, a while ago, Felix and I held a little event where we each reviewed the same game and requested feedback on whose you thought was "better" or liked more. Sadly, while our first title generated quite a few votes, and got our hopes up, the second round was gravely disappointing. With only three of you voting, we let the topic go after a slightly elongated stint on life support.

I'm going to tell you all the real purpose of that experiment.

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So what do you all think...
June 21, 2008

...about books written based off video games/movies/TV shows and the like? We all know about Mass Effect... but I never realized it was so prominent. Until today.

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EmP, you should have tourneys like this more often
June 19, 2008

I beat my game in five days... because it's all I did. RPGs are only about as addictive as crack.

But as to the reviewing part, I'm finding myself a lot more excited than usual. And it's all because I have to do research to write the intro.

That's right. Research.

XD Damn I feel old (and I'm only 18!). But God I love history. And I think college really rubbed off on me...

Hope the effect doesn't wear off. Usually these things last a few minutes then I get bored/overwhelmed again. It's why I both love and hate writing research papers.

I just hope I can write the thing awesome. The more mechanical things will be more difficult... and that's where I'll start worrying about quality.

Oh, well. One step at a time, I suppose.

Thanks, EmP. I mean it.


June 14, 2008

This is to members who have played The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

*Spoiler Warning*

So my dad's been playing this game for ages... but he's stuck. He's at this part where he has to enter this "Dreamworld" or whatever. He has no weapons or armor or anything and he has to battle two minotaurs or something. He says there are weapons and armor somewhere on the field, but he can't find them. Any suggestions? I have no idea. I'm going to check Gamefaqs later myself, but I don't know what he's really talking about because I haven't played the game yet.

...or you all can just discuss the game among yourselves, I suppose. >_>


Well, I did it again, Felix
May 31, 2008

Haha. Five in the month of May. I told you I'd do it. And to prove it, here they are:


One of the review's I had drafted over Spring Break... Glad I got it done, even if it's not great.

Digimon World

The final review I had drafted over Spring Break. I felt better about this after it placed second in RotW. Thanks to Felix for the advice with this one.

Fire 'N Ice

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Bring on the summer
May 06, 2008

Which officially starts at noon for me tomorrow. Hurray for no more school!

But.. there is a downside.

I'm going home, which means I won't have ready internet access. So to those I talk to regularly but haven't told, I won't be on AIM at all over the summer, I doubt. It also means I won't be adding any new content except reviews over summer, too, probably.

Good news is I intend to write a lot of reviews - and I mean a lot. Felix's newest challenge would be enough normally, but... even if I do match that, I'll still have two whole months. So I'm expecting to get a lot done.

I'll still be around here, just not as much. Might even blog if I feel like it. So... to everyone on this site, I say... I'll miss you all. Every last one of you. <3

I'll be more active again come fall!

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