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Ugggh.... Finals
December 11, 2008

This semester's probably the toughest I've had them... since they're actually in all five of my lasses this time.

Well, the first two (on Monday and Tuesday) were easy... but I just took two more today,within two hours of each other, used above or almost the whole time given (two hours), and were some of the toughest ones yet. These were Theology in the morning, which involved a lot of writing.... and Spanish in the afternoon, which involved a lot of brain cramps. Now I just feel like rolling over and dying. I don't want to do anything except relax, but I can't because I have to study for Saturday's anthropology final, which promises to be the toughest one yet... especially since I haven't absorbed nearly as much material as I would have liked....

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Black ice is evil...
December 04, 2008

You can't see it unless you're endowed with eagle-eye vision or something, and if you have bad vision as it there's no chance of that. So on your way to breakfast, you conspicuously fall on that ice, bruising your hip/thigh and pulling the muscle. In the middle of the street, in front of a couple of strangers who were gracious enough to ask how you are, though you stil feel embarrassed.

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Well, I think I'm screwed.
November 26, 2008

As far as this group project is concerned...

We have to do a project on an immmigrant community in the city... Our group chose Jamaica. Each of the five of us has to go to a specific site that might be important to that culture (i.e. restaraunts, cultural centers, religious centers, media, etc.), and ask people about their experience there and stuff.

Well, I've decided to be the miscellaneous one, as in, going to a place that isn't a requirement. Well, first I chose a professional organization, but their locatioin is too out of the way. I might call them and see if they have a representative closer to here or something, though...

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Man, next semester's going to be rough.
November 20, 2008

Being a sophomore, I couldn't register for all the classes I wanted.... but... I realized that hopefully I'll be able to take them next year, and instead replaced them with back ups or other classes that fill other requirements.

Here's my schedule:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday are easy-ish....

9:20-10:10 Statistics 103
Thankfully, this is the one class that's not a replacement for something else.

10:25-11:15: Philosophy of Science

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It snowed....
November 17, 2008

enough to lightly layer everything.... In November. It was also snowing while partly sunny... I wonder if it's possible to have rainbows during snow. Gotta love Chicago.

In other news, my back just flared up despite the preventative painkillers I took earlier.... It hurts a lot, to say the least.


My list of things to do this weekend
November 13, 2008

1) Read 150 pages in a novel for my English class by Tuesday

2) Read 30-60 pages for Theology

3) Read the rest of what I have for Anthropology if I don't finish it today

4) Get started on this stupid group project for anthropology

5) Get caught up in history... I still need to read 100 pages there.

6) Write a 2-page reflection paper on the novel for English by Thursday

7) Map the courses I need to take next semester

8) Write a review

9) Get over this damn cold so I can actually do all this work

10) Convince myself that doing all this work on the weekend is worth it in the first place

11) Failing #10, kill myself (not literally, of course)

EDIT: ...and a history practice essay for the fnal by Friday...



So after nearly a week of waiting...
November 03, 2008

I finally got my absentee ballot in the mail. My right to complain about the government for the next four years has been secured.

To celebrate, here's a song:

XD Isn't it adorable?


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