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Check out mah awesum review!
January 19, 2009

(This has been slightly modified from the original)

*Ahem* Body Slam Super Pro Wrestling

Awesome. Wrestling. It's the greatest sport in the world - even better than soccer - since all those hot sweaty men are fighting each other for dominance. It reminds me of the time I went to a rodeo and two of the bulls escaped their confines and started having at each other. Or that cockfight the Mexicans had down the street. It's just so supremely manly that you can't take your eyes away. Or your hands off the controls. It's awesome. Play it. Oh, yeah. The gameplay rocks and is totally awesome. And the rent/buy thing? You should totally buy buy BUY!. You won't regret it.


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Wow. These are some big fish
January 17, 2009

I bet none of your kitties can do that.


January 15, 2009

God damn it's cold... I thihk today was the coldest day of the winter... and I was out all day. I don't think it ever got any warmer than -5F the whole day, and I have no idea what the wind chill was like. Like... it's almost incomprehensible... It's so cold, the wind burns your lungs! It's hard to freaking breathe. It just makes you want to roll over and die or something... Or just sleep all day. What's more, the snow that's continued to build has frozen so thoroughly that it's like walking on ice, which, while you won't sink a foot into the ground when walking through it, is also extremely slippery.

Good lord...


So why can't they make GOOD PS2 controllers anymore?
January 11, 2009

Nowadays they make these shitty "compact" controllers that are easier to hold, but also crap out on you with one button or another after only a few months of hard use. I swear, I bought two of them over the summer because our old controllers were done... and already the left analog stick on both is f'd up so that whenever you try to walk up/diagonally up-right, it only walks the character no matter how far you push it up. It makes things like platforming and running away really difficult, especially in games like God of War where you kind of need that because God mode is insane and anyone who says it's easy is equally insane and has way too much time on their hands to get that good at a game (no offense to anyone this applies to. =P)

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Year in Review - because I can
January 03, 2009

Well, here it is - a fairly substantial list considering how uninvolved I was previously. Got quite a few feedback topics, too - more than I expected - though none of them were from EmP despite his "promise" to make a topic for every review I wrote after RE4. S'alright, though; I still love you. He did comment on a few onsite, and the rest over AIM even if I did have to ask him most of the time, so it's alright. (=P)

My hits skyrocketed since the last time I did this...

Resident Evil 4 (PS2) February 29, 2008
Hits: 259

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Huh. I guess I broke 10,000
December 28, 2008

Review hits. And without me really paying attention.

Should I be proud/happy about this? As a user, I guess it's a lot, especially since I only have 32 reviews. But if I looked on a broader scale, it's not really a lot all things considered. I don't even break the top 50, which is pretty much overrun with staff/freelancers anyway. Besidse, I'd appreciate feedback way more than hits any day.

Well, either way, I'll keep writing. And I'll probably never make another post like this because I really hate bragging, and it would mean more if I'd hit 100k anyway.

See you in another ten years. =D

On another yet somewhat related note, I'm still considering joining staff, but still can't come to a complete and proper decision on the matter.


Just got my grades...
December 17, 2008

And they're all As! Aren't I awesome? =D

This is actually surprising because I was expecting Bs in Spanish and Anthropology, but... managed to get As in both somehow. I thought they would be A-s at most (which, hilariously, actually do affect GPA in a minor way).

Somehow I pulled a 96% on that anthropology exam even though a lot of the multiple choice was confusing, I only knew half of the ID terms (so had to BS one), and wasn't as prepared for the essay as I wanted to be.

I'm really glad that's over now. Hopefully I won't be so unsure of myself ever again. >_> Though I'll guarantee anyone who knows me will know this probably won't be the case. Haha.


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