TuneFreaks progress continues
December 24, 2006

You all thought I'd forgotten about TuneFreaks, but I haven't. Last night and this morning I worked somewhere around 8 hours on the site, so that now album reviews can be submitted and approved by staff.

It's slow going but most of the big hurdles are now behind me. It's smaller tweaks that have to happen from here. Today, I may make more user account options so that I can easily change account privileges through the front end. Then everything should be ready to test as we head into the new year.

If you want to be part of the site during its early stages, you need to register an account. Then you can post in response to this blog and we can set you up with the proper privileges to match your level of interest in building the site. There are tons of artist and album listings to create, obviously, and lots of music to review. We're starting with pretty much a completely blank slate, so now's the time to jump on board if you want to impact the site's coverage and musical direction.

In the coming weeks, I'll continue adding user features and forums, as well as smaller features that people won't immediately notice but should appreciate in the long run. I will also be tweaking the visual design to bring it closer to something along the lines of HonestGamers. The site is definitely getting close to the point where it needs to be to start rocking.

So again, if you're interested in participating, you need to state your level of interest. There are a few options:

1) Standard user. You can post on the forums and submit album reviews, but not artist or album listings.

2) Beefy user. You can post on the forums and submit album, artist and album content, but you can't edit listings.

3) Super user. You can post on the forums, plus submit and edit album, artist and album content. You also approve or reject user submissions.

Post here letting me know which level you prefer and why you think that level is appropriate for you. We can discuss any other details privately over AIM or through HG Mail if you like. Pretty much everyone knows how to reach me through one of those methods. Let's get this party started!

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Genj Genj - December 24, 2006 (01:40 PM)
What is your policy going to be on reviewing leaked albums?

EDIT - I should be at least a beefy user because of my tendancy to listen to a lot of more obscure, indie artists. Too much of a hassle to bug you guys to constantly add the lastest album from the likes of Beirut and Animal Collective. I'd probably add enough info that Super would probably be easier if it didn't need to be accepted by someone or something.

But first I need to think of a good username.
honestgamer honestgamer - December 24, 2006 (02:43 PM)
I wouldn't want a leaked album reviewed until the day of its release. One goal with this site is to do with the music industry what HonestGamers has done with games. That can't happen when we go around irritating the music industry for no good reason and reviewing products they haven't yet released. It's like saying "Hey, we did something you like to sue people for!"

The music industry is fighting hard right now to protect its intellectual property and is only too happy to sue anyone possible. So, the only way we'll review something before street date is if we get that album early from the manufacturer and have approval to do so.

Also, Genj, I was hoping you'd be interested in the project and would feel good about helping the site cover the sort of music you like. You and Sportsman both, if you have the time and interest. Plus any other music freaks from this site that have demonstrated a solid ability to review stuff.
Halon Halon - December 24, 2006 (04:39 PM)
I am a musician/music buff so I can help you on the Super level if you need/want my help. If not I will still like to contribute to the site.

If you want to hit me up on AIM (FromChaos1086) or HG mail feel free. HG mail is probably better because I won't be on AIM until at least Tuesday.
Genj Genj - December 26, 2006 (10:10 AM)
Ok I went with Genj. Hit me up with some Super status if you want some hot content after I go to the dentist/drool over the new Zelda some more.

By the way, indie and folk aren't the same genre. Hence why there is "indie folk" to differentiate the likes of Bob Dylan vs The Mountain Goats.
honestgamer honestgamer - December 26, 2006 (10:52 AM)
I'll modify your account privileges in a few minutes, Genj. As for the genre listings, they're more like placeholders. I'm working on forums over there right now, and when those are up and running, "Super" users can discuss what we want the genres to be (along with their descriptions). Obviously we're not going to have three or four listings for each subgenre (listing "Folk" and "Indie Folk" would be overkill), but we can definitely break up the "Folk" and "Indie" pairing, along with others that don't seem to fit.
Halon Halon - December 26, 2006 (01:47 PM)
I signed up as sportsman since that's what I'm known as around here, and as I stated earlier I would love to help on the Super level if you want me.

In addition to what Genj said, I once made a list of about 12-15 genres that includes every type of music. I'll see if I can find that later.

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